Aging is not 'lost youth' but a new stage of opportunity and strength.-Betty Friedan in Age quotes. I shall try to share with you everything I know about motherhood, child, body care and of course I'll open secrets about kitchen. These months are designed to be generic and may or may not specifically relate to your pregnancy. Rupi Kaur's first book, Milk and Honey is the poetry collection every woman needs on her nightstand or coffee table. Kaur's book is divided into four chapters that each address a different kind of struggle, culminate in a different kind of growth. Back in November of 2013, what moved me to share was the idea that I was tired of being quiet. Your illustrations really add to the poems, did you study art at all or is it just something you enjoy doing?

I haven't had the opportunity to study visual art but it was always my first love when it came to artistic expression. I'd explain the style of illustrations I use with my poems as "childlike, and semi-scribbled".
Your poems celebrate being a woman despite the fact that there are many challenges to being a woman. Given this security, she can proceed to do what she really wants to do-fall in love with men who are weak and irresponsible.
While we often talk about it lasting for nine months, pregnancy is generally measured by weeks, lasting 40 weeks or 266 days from conception. Please direct any questions you have about your baby’s growth or your progress to your doctor or midwife. I felt like, for the first time ever, what I had to say was so much more powerful than my fear of what people might think.

It's not as difficult to write about these topics as it is a relief to be able to express them. Writing about certain struggles and battles, although sometimes can pull you into a dark place, seems for me, to be less difficult. Enjoy a tour through the entire length of pregnancy in ultrasound pictures and descriptions of how your baby is growing and changing at each stage of pregnancy. I'd like to think that when paired together they might almost leave the reader feeling slightly uncomfortable.

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