Experts say that wet cleaning sponges are perfect ground for bacteria growth and that is why bacteria easily end up on your dishes.
Mix 2 bottle caps of vanilla extract with a cup of coffee and then put the mixture in the oven at 300 F for an hour.
Sticky stains can be quite annoying but if you mix equal portions of baking soda and coconut oil and apply this mixture on the stains they will disappear very fast. If you want to improve the effect of alkaline cleaners you should fill the bathtub with hot water.
In order to clean the washing machine we recommend you to pour 2 cups of vinegar in it and then turn on the machine and let it work for an hour.
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I would also like to introduce a book that I was recently sent by a young Nigerian writer in the US, Brook Taylor.
DIY is no longer just a man’s world, with more women doing repair jobs in the home, it’s time to grab a hammer and read our tips. Whether your doorknob has punctured the wall or a small hole from a nail has grown, this simple repair can usually be done in less than an hour.
No one likes to think about toilets, but simple maintenance can keep your throne from your thoughts. It tends to clog and you may well lose the odd earring down the drain but if you do it’s OK - For Dummies has the scoop on taking the thing apart.
No, not a bulb, the whole fixture - as in upgrading from run-of-the-mill plastic lampshade to full-on chandelier.

Trust us, the drip-drip-dripping will keep you up all night, so go to Leaking Taps for fix-it tips. It’s not strictly classed as DIY but as wallpaper is making a comeback it's best you learn how to hang it! Today I’d like to share with you a fantastic roundup of 10 must-know beauty hacks that will show you how little it takes to look your best.
Peeled and squeezed the vegetable, and then put them on your eyes and let it act for 15 minutes. The fastest method to get rid of blackheads from the chin in 10 seconds, using only 2 natural ingredients! An effective way to hide and conceal the red big pimple on your face using ice cube and eye drops. When you dye your hair at home you’ll always spit a little hair dye on forehead or ears, which is difficult to remove.
In order to destroy the bacteria on the sponge you should put it in a microwave for 2 minutes every day. Prepare a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap in order to make them disappear quickly. On this way you will get strong, natural and homemade air freshener that will make your house to smell perfectly. This method will also leave protective layer which will prevent water stains and fingerprints as well.
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So how on earth can you get that man you adore to get addicted to you and make him commit to you ?
She wrote a book " 20 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Men " and you can download it for free today only on the link below. The list consists of tips and tricks on how to get rid of wrinkles in minutes, how to hide and conceal a pimple, homemade natural remedies to get rid of white hair forever, the only way you should apply eye cream to your face and so on. Because of that, all women often try to find the easiest and quickest way to clean the house. We are employing writers who are conducting excellent research and using their knowledge and information to compose excellent articles for our audience. For an affordable and really working option to the anti wrinkle cream, this Retinol Cream from Amazon is is recommend! Clean the nooks, lids, knobs and crannies with cotton swabs and turn the machine on once again. This is a compilation of most creative and life-saving beauty hacks every woman needs to know.
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