Almost 100% of  people would say 'no'; that politicians by definition are dishonest people! Many people cannot find the right answer to that question, and believe that it is definitely more advantageous to be dishonest than honest! Most politicians are among those who believe this way, ignoring completely the long-term benefits of being honest as well as the long-term dangers of being dishonest!
For example, 50 years ago, anywhere in the world, out of 1000 people, politicians or not, there used to be (let's say) 30% of dishonest people and 70% of honest people, among whom there are around 2-3 extremely honest persons (NB: when we say 'honest', we mean more honest than dishonest and when we say 'dishonest' we mean more dishonest than honest). They, by their own characteristics of being honest, contrary to those who are dishonest, do not exhibit themselves.
For possessing such a characteristic and remaining 'inactive' socially is definitely a sin!

A person who always speaks the truth whatever the situation is definitely honest, but may not be too intelligent!
Could these people have become dishonest if they could have been involved in politics for a long period? Today, due to many reasons which will be too long to develop here, the numbers are inverted. They are often isolated somewhere and wait, at times endlessly, that they are called upon to help. Some would say yes, supporting it with the saying 'tell me who are your friends and I tell you who you are'. For example, out of 1000 people, politicians or not, there are 70% of dishonest people and 30% of honest people, among whom, here too, there are around 2-3 extremely honest persons.

Truth may be difficult to utter but is definitely more difficult to hear by vile politicians! So, we see that the number of 'extremely honest people' around the world has not changed; they have remained 2-3 out of 1000. Actively looking for truth and finding it is the equivalent of the removal of a stone from a complex rotating mechanism. This is because they have huge self-esteemed strength which they have developed all their lives through education and observation!

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