A teenage girl was savagely attacked by her own German Shepherd after the puppy ‘suddenly flipped’, tearing off part of her face.
Iona Manson from Birmingham, needed two hours of facial reconstruction surgery and more than 50 stitches after the mauling, which tore a chunk out of her nose. And the 13-year-old, who had raised Fidden since he was nine days old, is still mystified why her 13-month-old pet suddenly attacked her. Remarkably plastic surgeons managed to piece together Iona’s face and today the teenager has barely a scratch to remind of her of the terrifying attack. But her mother Mhairi Manson, 39, said she was still struggling to sleep after witnessing the ferocious incident. Luckily her father, Scott Manson, an army trainee nurse who previously served 18-and-a-half years as a tank commander, was in the living room and heard the dog growl and Iona scream during the attack.
Mrs Manson said they also adopted his brother, Bracken, who has never behaved aggressively. I suspect the little girl was playing with the dog by putting her face down by the food dish when the dog was eating. Owners of dogs need to understand how they think and make sure they always recognise the human as the leader of the pack.
Actually they can like the dog that attacked me, he had the equivelent of down syndrome in dogs.

You were very brave Iona, and far more intelligent than the fools who are criticising you or making assumptions. Karma is a bitch at the end of the day, and anyone who HURTS a dog will get their due at some point.
The road to successful living comes with many choices and the willingness to participate in your life.
I find greater inspiration in the deeds of the long-lived and in the eloquent words of those with an amazing ability to size up and express the positive aspects of advancing years.
Wisconsin Congressman Sensenbrenner apologized for saying Michelle Obama has a Big Booty, but we beg to differ. The Global Elite are working hard on a campaign to brainwash young Black men to go away from their cultural roots towards smaller women, through rap videos, and well placed shills such as Michelle Obama, Oprah, Kirstie Alley, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Hudson who are perpetually trying to lose weight. It's a fact, most heterosexual men who have nothing wrong with them are built with natural psychological triggers to be attracted to pre weight watchers Kirstie Alley, as opposed to post weight watchers Jennifer Hudson, or the dangerously thin Michelle Obama. Through careful marketing the Global elite has brainwashed those in the Western White culture to go against nature, and find thin to be socially attractive- as in trophy Wife. How about a deal White Brothers, trade the Big Booty White women over to the Black side, and we'll trade the flat booty Black Women to your side- Just kidding. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life.

I remember Dad telling me to sit up so that he could see my face and then the next thing I can recall is being in the back of the ambulance and looking out of the window. People should understand that some dogs, like most people, have personal zones and they do not like people or even other dogs in their face.
Being a bystander in your life, does not allow you to share your light and energy with others. Those who choose to be a victim in their lives get left behind, while others who actively participate enjoy the journey to success and happiness because they are in control of where they want to go. So please stopp the commenting because this story has been so twisted its unreal to its Biased to comment on it unless you know me or the real story. Sadly, most owners are generally inexperienced and are unable to actually communicate with their dog using language that they understand. Black men are their own worst enemies, encouraging each other to sell drugs and disrespect women through hip hop, not valuing education or family unity.

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