Who Can Keep Track Of The Year, Should Get A Whole Closet Of Those Things Hanging Up, Feet?
Running late as usual, my iPod and I practically bounced into Cafeteria (a trendy lunch spot in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood) a few weeks ago and into the embrace of my friend Shoshana.

Where We Are Going We Don’t Need Feet, Do You Guys Want To Go Glamping?, Imagine How That Room Smelled, That Probably Gets Good Gas Mileage, Stay Cool This Summer!, What Should Happen To The Driver Of This Truck?, Whoops: The Wave Got Stuck On Pause, Always Stretch With A Buddy, When You Leave Your Junk On The Lawn For Too Long, What Are Your Favorite Feelings?, Sleep Tight, 5th Grader Or Any Guy , “Hello Chicken Nugget”, When Your Horse Sits On Your Lap, I Call Roof!, Vampire Cat Will Scratch Your Leg And Suck The Blood, There Is Someone For Everyone, This Guy Is Hauling A Stack Of Tiny Penises , “My Weekend Bag”, Quad Drone Of Fans Will Spy On You And Keep You Cool, These Burgers RRRRR All Right. The videos typically consist of several short skits featuring various stick figure characters and occasional dialogues.

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