What is little noticed by Indian husbands can be extremely obnoxious for their better halves to bear with. 22-Point Open Letter To All Women Out There From Their Future Husbands- Nailed To Perfection!
If you wish to pursue further education or any other professional course, you have my support in going forward and doing it. Getting married to me does not mean that I expect you to break all contact with your friends. And by the same token, I would really appreciate if you allow me to do the same without getting angry.
Fixing the bulbs, calling the plumber, getting the groceries, bathing the dog; I am your handyman babe! However busy are schedules might be, we need to take time off and explore the world, open up to new possibilities and discover all the newness and excitement every destination has to offer. You are the one who needs to carry the baby for 9 months in your womb, take a lot of pains, quit your job and go through drastic weight fluctuations.
And finally, just like you, I too am counting days to finally be with you, together, forever and ever.
And in the end, just be happy to have said yes, just look forward to our D-day, just think of how beautiful our life will be together and before you know it, the day would have arrived that will make us one for all eternity.
A lot of us cannot keep our curious minds shut, and we generally end up saying some ridiculous and annoying things to the newly-married couples.

Small habits of Indian men can cause distress and fury to their wives to kill their a€?honey youa€™re so sweeta€? feeling and replace it with a€?what a disgusting man Ia€™ve got married to.a€? Lucky if your husband is nothing like ordinary Indian husbands, but if he is, youa€™ll completely relate with the following habits, utterly resentful to most Indian wives- 8. There are a lot of anxieties, expectations, apprehensions and reservations that both the partners have when they are about to tie the knot. We will work out our routine according to your course timings and you also do not need to quit working post-marriage. There will be lows, there will be hardships; but good or bad, we will sail through the tides together, hand in hand. You are mature enough to know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate and so, you are free to choose your own wardrobe. Let us split responsibilities right from the beginning and feel free to scold me on things I do wrong.
So give me some time to sink it in and once that’s done, I will be the perfect punching bag for you when you are PMSing. Time seems to have stopped and I can’t wish for anything else than to fast forward it to our wedding day. Throwing Wet Towel On The Bed And Forgetting It There This is so typical of Indian men – they will never take their towel to the balcony after a shower, but always leave it on the bed. So before we plan to become parents and even after that (whenever you are comfortable), we will party like there is no tomorrow!
No matter if it wets the bed sheet or presents an ugly sight for the guests, they will never listen to their wife, and expect her to put it out for drying.

Saying a€?Cominga€? And Not Reaching The Dining Table They may have gotten married to you for the impressive food you cook, but after marriage that also becomes once upon a time. Watching TV, checking their emails, and sorting out papers just before meals are their favorite time pass. They Never Find Their Own Stuff Most Indian husbands like everything placed in order, but they dona€™t like to do it themselves. From their tooth brush, paste, shirts, shoes and socks, everything needs to be fed to them. Even when you place everything at the exact same place, they will never remember or make an effort to find them.
Wives may not have a good sleep thanks to their snoring husbands, but in the morning their husbands will wake up again to complain a€?I couldna€™t sleep the whole night baby, you occupy the whole bed and leave no room for me to sleep.a€? 1.
Eating All Kinds of Things On The Bed, And Not Minding To Sleep In The Same Mess They may never like home cooked food, but will love snacking on the bed while theya€™re watching TV or completing office work.
They will get engrossed and forget about eating manners, spill everything around, and when you ask them to get up to change the bed sheets they will grin at you.

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