As far as the different style is concerned, these pictures aren't going to become sprites, and I haven't really liked any design so far enough to put serious polish on it. Gone is the propeller - I was looking at pictures of WWII fighter planes, but she is Jet Woman, not plane woman. Speaking of precedent, there aren't any robot masters where you can't see their eyes, so I need to work on the face some more.
As for the visor, you could either make it semi-transparent, or have it retracted when she isn't doing her attack.
Definately looking good, its difficult to comment on a few things as they relate to her function as well.
Also, I try to use larger sized objects where I can, because the collision detection is technically O(n)^2, and having a bunch of single tiles is really inefficient. Turbo Man totally has a visor covering his eyes, so there's no reason why you can't keep her visor as is.
Oh I had another idea to make the character more like a woman you should give her like maybe a baby or something. Honestly I think she'll look plenty like a woman if you just make her torso and arms a little thinner.

The helmet is a great nod to pig-tails, which, along with the heart-shape visor, do a great job of showing off the feminine side.
I didn't say it was gonna be pretty, I was just trying to broaden the female robot masters club. Did you know that because Megaman stages are designed as strips of screens, you'll never move from right to left across a screen boundary?
Even if you don't know the name, if you describe them and where they can be found, that will help. Side note: With all the plants growing in tubes around there, anyone else think the level designer was thinking pot-man instead of top-man? Totally forgot about the siblings post, but we left off at Leo so those will get started up again very soon. Once again-the ones in the middle can be changed around a tad, but Aries are very cruel when looking for revenge, same with Cancer; Libra, and Pisces are two signs very against beating up others, and hurting their feelings (unless strongly provoked).
But it really depends on how you feel the boss fight would go, if she is going to do fly-by pass type things then a bulkier more functional back-piece and flip down mask might work. You might want to consider stretching this lady out a bit, maybe Kate-mossing her a tad bit, this helps to accentuate the evil-ness a bit as well, and uh jets are sleek.

I would ask what second order collision detection is but I dare not crowd this thread further.
Rockman strategy is the game that crazy looking thing is from, and it is pretty much supposed to be final fantasy tactics + megaman.
I also thought megaman levels were tiled in smaller consistenly sized units but what your doing looks more like what I saw done with like Braid, with multiple types of slab objects which are fitted together. I'm liking how you have the small jets coming off her helmet to resemble pigtails and I think you can push that a little farther.
Aside from that her chest plate seems kind of plain and could probably use a design or a crystal in the center.

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