Oh, do you not know Lin-Manuel Miranda too, or as Ackman presumably has the guy saved his his phone, A-Ham? This is likely to cause short-sighted decisions and could hurt your investment performance. Moms can be pretty tricky, particularly if they’re quite protective of their son whom you happen to be dating. Contrary to the horror stories you may see in many romantic comedy movies and series, getting his mom to like you isn’t as hard as it may seem. So unless you’re dating a guy whose mother is being particularly difficult or averse to you, just follow these tips and you should be a-okay. There’s a lot you can deduce from conversations with your boyfriend or from the things you find in his parents’ home. When you mention that you’ve tried some of these things, she may be impressed that you’ve gone through the trouble.
But as her son ages, she’ll realize that she can no longer know every minute detail about his life. Nothing sets a guy’s heart more at ease than the fact that his girlfriend and his mother get along. View PhotosEvery single guy has a guy gang and if your boyfriend doesn't then may be you should start investigating if he is boy at all! When you think of your boyfriend’s mother, what may instantly come to mind is a younger version of her taking care of a toddler version of your boyfriend.
You may see that she studied in a certain school, that she loves The Beatles or that she’s a business executive in a large company. Nothing makes you seem more boring than a plank of wood than just saying, “It’s nice to meet you” and “How are you?” in every conversation.
The likes of Richard Burton and Cary Grant are sure to remind her of the classic movies she used to love as a young woman. Find out what it is that she’s passionate about, whether it’s music, movies, art, animals or food.
A few gifts here and there can make her a little fonder of you, as long as you do it wisely.

The trouble with guy friends is that they are just as possessive as your girlfriends (even though they pretend not to care a dime).
Registration or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You want your boyfriend to shower you with love, but of course his mom deserves some of that love too. But aside from this mental image, there’s more to her than just being the woman who cared for him in his youth. Keep these non-maternal tidbits of information in your mind and bring them up during the conversation. However, we would suggest avoiding talk about religion or politics or child rearing, particularly when there’s wine involved. You can mention that you prefer Marlon Brando’s boy next door charms to James Dean’s bad boy allure. Once you know what it is that she likes, make it a point to read up on it and find out more. Your guy’s mom has been there since he was born, so she would obviously know every little detail about him, from the age when he got his first tooth to the name of his favorite teacher. When their sons are older and independent, they relish the memories of those days when he was just a little boy who would cry to his mama for every booboo he encounters. It can also make for a good laugh when his mom shares funny stories of the silly things he used to do or say as a child. It makes her feel involved in her son’s life, and she would appreciate that you would take the time to ask. Find out from your guy (or from your conversations with her) if she likes clothes, perfumes, cosmetics or home decor. Now if your guy is serious about you he will definitely introduce you to his friends and you will probably be spending a good amount of time together.
Get some news from your guy and ask him what his mom has been up to so you can ask about it when you meet. Regarding everything else, though, don’t just agree and nod politely whenever his mom says something.

She doesn’t expect you to be a younger version of herself, but she may expect you to be a little more open minded about what she likes.
For instance, you can say that you had lunch with some of his childhood friends, whom his mom also happens to know. It’s best to start small, so at first, ask her for some advice on little things like home decor, types of food your guy might like or even home remedies for little ailments.
Even if she’s not the perfect parent, it’s her own brand of TLC that was able to turn a little boy into the man you eventually fell in love with. If you do not want to have problems with your boyfriend over this group of male friends then there are some very simple ways to get along with them and coexist peacefully.
Later on, when you’ve gotten to know her a lot better, you can ask her for advice on more personal issues, if you believe you still need it. Gifts on her birthday and on Christmas, plus a few little random gifts scattered through the year should be fine.
After All, You Are A Girl: You have a huge advantage to start with and that is your XX chromosome and its external manifestations. Basically you are a girl and they are all guys; it is always easier to get along with the opposite sex because no guy in the world (unless he is boorish oaf) will necessarily displease a girl.
Bring out the tomboyish side of you when you are with the guy gang if you want to avoid problems with your boyfriend. Do Not Try To Own Him: If you try to prove in front of your boyfriend's friends that now he belongs to you and you have replaced them in his life then you will tick them off. You have to know exactly how much closeness with his friends is okay with your boyfriend to avoid problems.

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