The country is living up to its melting pot reputation as American faces become less homogenous and more diverse, a phenomenon that renowned photographer and portrait artist Martin Schoeller captured for the October 125th anniversary issue of National Geographic magazine. The images, which are coupled with the individual's "self ID" and the box he or she checked to indicate race as specified on the 2000 and 2010 census, are a striking reminder of Americans' complex cultural and racial origins.
Schoeller's photographs capture "the changing face of America," a trend that is no doubt picking up speed with the increase of both interracial marriages and the births of biracial babies.
On playgrounds and college campuses, you’ll find such homespun terms as Blackanese, Filatino, Chicanese, and Korgentinian. Tracey Williams Bautista says her seven-year-old son, Yoel Chac Bautista, identifies himself as black when he’s with her, his African-American parent. Related posts:Sexy Train Girls-Japanese Schoolgirls Naughty on the TrainCute fat guinea pigs! The ad, released by a laundry detergent brand, shows a black actor being cleaned and transformed into a Chinese man in shocking scenes. Footage shows the actor emerging from a room, with paint splodges on his face, before wolf-whistling at a young Chinese woman. He then strides over to the woman, who stood beside a washing machine, as she smiles and encourages him to move closer to her. She then slams the lid and sits on top of it – while the man screams inside the spinning device. When the washing cycle eventually ends, a Chinese man emerges, dressed in a white t-shirt and with no signs of paint on his face.

The advert, which has gone viral on Chinese messaging service WeChat, was created to promote Qiaobi laundry detergent.
Called "Ranger" (he was sponsored by Glasgow Rangers Football Club), he was born at Glasgow Zoo in about 1975, the offspring of some lions acquired from Manchester's Belle Vue Zoo.
Many reports of black lions (and other black big cats) are due to observation in either poor light or with strong sunlight behind the cat. Nature makes beautiful things, but sometimes things look "too perfect" because they are fake. Kind of thinking that the velvet-like patches of shiny and matte fur on his legs should have given away the fact that this was photoshopped? Census presented the question of race differently, allowing respondents the option of selecting more than one racial category, with nearly 7 million Americans identifying as members of two or more races. When Joshua Ahsoak, 34, attended college, his heritage of Inupiat (Eskimo) and midwestern Jewish earned him the moniker Juskimo, a term he still uses to describe himself (a practicing Jew who breaks kosher dietary laws not for bacon but for walrus and seal meat).
But as he does so, the woman shoves a detergent tablet into his mouth, before forcing him head-first into the machine. Cosmetic aisles in shops are packed with skin-whitening creams, while many models are young with pale skin. This may have been related to the Barbary lion (now extinct in the wild) which is larger than African lions and famed for their extensive black manes stretching from chest to groin. At birth, the lion exhibited a melanistic patch which stretched from his right paw, all the way up the inside of his leg and across his chest.

A very dark brown, almost black lion was reported in Persia (Iran) and a black lioness was reported in the African bush (Okovango).
Photoshop has the ability to make things look "too perfect," and the more one is exposed to photoshop, the more one becomes aware of things that are photoshopped. The 2010 census included changes to more clearly distinguish Hispanic ethnicity as not being a race, with data revealing that whites would no longer be the majority in the country by 2043. The lion had a pitch black patch extending the length of the inside front leg and across the chest.
It was believed to be the first time melanism, even partial melanism, had been recorded in the African lion (apart from anecdotal cases). There have even been reports of whole prides of dark brown or black lions; prides comprise closely related lionesses therefore this could be a familial trait.
However, the lion in this picture is actually a white lion colored black through photo manipulation. This anomaly also occurs in domestic cats and accounts for some of the few fertile tortoiseshell male cats.

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