Gemini is an intelligent lover, who thinks with an open mind before he falls in love with someone. More:love sign gemini woman aries manaries man and gemini woman in marriagearies woman and taurus man love and datingleo man aries woman loveleo man gemini woman in lovecancer woman in love with aries mangemini man and libra woman compatibleDetailed information on Aries Woman and Gemini Man Love Compatibility.
Self Description: I think I have a very strong personality, but with a right man I have a sweet, tender and very feminine side.
Comments: I want a man who does not only promise, but does what he says, I want him to be caring and loving, and I also have a lot of love to give to him!
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He allows common sense to lead in his decisions and always refrains from making hasty and risky life choices.

He listens to the views of everyone around him, but he will only do what he feels is right.Aries women are driven by impulse, which is also required from their partners in order to have fun and have a constant source of entertainment. A man who does not stand still, and moving forward, and I will help him, support and encourage. She needs regular encouragement from her partner who never stops appreciating and admiring her. Aries is known for being a visionary, believes in a world of fantasy and therefore her partner has to see things her way.Aries woman and Gemini man make a good couple, as he uses his mind, and Aries uses her heart. They share a common feature of behavior in terms of their independent way of making decisions, free from the influence of others and that in turn will continue to keep them on the same side. Both are adventurous and will be happy to experiment with new things together.An Aries woman, relying on her bold personality, will be able to parade the best qualities of the Gemini man.

She tends to become jealous and possessive of her partner over a long time and this can upset the Gemini man, because he does not like to be influenced or have his personal space controlled. This connection can be maintained only if the Gemini man learns to accept the free and adventurous nature of an Aries woman.

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