Nice thing about dating her is if you get bored on a date with her you can just show a movie on her forehead for entertainment.
Year after year I watched as friends, neighbors, mothers, and even grandmothers received attention and gifts on Valentine's Day. On a day when men honor the women in their lives just for being who they are, my desk at work sat conspicuously bare in a sea of flowers that would have done a wedding proud. On the day I accepted Jesus as Savior, God came into my life in a blazing fire of love and intimacy.

In a culture that idolizes physical beauty and physique, where do we find our personal worth. Christianity Today strengthens the church by richly communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful Gospel. I watched as coworkers received flowers and big bouquets of red roses that screamed: special! Moments and words and gestures that were not for correction and not for growth, but were for one reason only: love!

Every woman, it seemed to my single soul, had plans that night, even if the plan was simply to not have plans. And I knew it not from getting roses or chocolates or the admiration and envy of other women.

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