There is no example in the Bible where a man wanted a wife, and God dropped her into His lap. It’s like fellas want the world on a silver platter because they see some celebrity or athlete living this incredible life with a beautiful woman on their arm. As a married man who was fortunate enough to have this infused to my brain at an early age, I wholeheartedly agree and commend you for posting.
I definitely believe and know everything you said is true, the bible has examples and obviously states that men are to go out and find a wife if you don’t have the gift. Firstly, miss Lauren, you are always on point in the topics that you cover and I cannot stop myself from sharing everything I just about read from this blog. The nice guys even, not the players and morons who don’t care and date every girl they know for the fun of it.
Now, I am all for God’s perfect timing, and praying about the decisions you make, and certainly the kind of women you intend to pursue. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting the best of the best, but if you want to be king of the the world, you sure as sunshine better be ready to go out and conquer that bad boy!

It is this idea that if you just WAIT on God, He is going to magically drop the right girl into your lap, and you will live happily ever after.
In order to get a job, you have to apply, and in order to get yourself some six-pack abs, you have to put in the time at the gym. The right woman is absolutely essential for giving the best possible chance of having happy, godly marriage. It seems today, dudes try to measure manliness in things like tattoos, car rims, sneakers, video games, porn collections, promiscuity, and so on and so forth. He’s put more time an effort into reaching level 50 than he has on building his relationship.
Christ came to earth, lived 33 years, died on a cross, and rose from the grave all to win His bride. Though this is not something that I have ever doubted or believed in, its an area I’ve struggled in and its frustrating. It gets frustrating at times, for us girls, at least I know me, when like you said, we also look and explore possibilities.

And then to think that the guys nowadays are kind of just sitting there and waiting on God. But also, like Brady said, so many people lose sight of who they should be after first here, they start going crazy over finding a spouse.
Its also important to remember as young people especially, to really cherish your single years. Living for the Lord while still single is amazing and its important not to lose sight of that. But I’ve also read about your spin on things on singleness so I think I can say you agree. I just want a guy that knows his stuff and fights like a man and likes me enough to kiss my face.

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