The strategy of forcing initial progress, generally by attacking a problem with everything you’ve got, has a lot going for it. Likewise, if you want to lose weight and get in better shape (and avoid the flu), you don’t just take my approach of cutting out one snack. Greg Hardy has been a major distraction for the Dallas Cowboys this week, and team owner Jerry Jones is apparently interested in rewarding the defensive end’s rogue behavior with a long-term contract extension.
Jason Garrett has made it clear that Hardy won’t be disciplined for blowing up on special teams coach Rich Bisaccia after the Cowboys allowed a kickoff return for a touchdown against the New York Giants. You hire a trainer to come to your house twice a week, and get a workout buddy to meet you on the other weekdays.

People are even more disgusted to hear the Jones family stand behind the defensive lineman given his history with domestic violence. When I needed to lose weight, I paid a bit more attention to my food choices, snacked less, and lost about half a pound a week.
Rather than send out a few queries here and there, you send out 300 sales letters to prospects. You set up a consultation with a nutritionist and get 10 cookbooks full of healthy recipes.
But that effort landed her enough regular clients that she no longer had to hustle as much.

But seeing a much lower number on the scale can provide the motivation to make longer-term changes in a way that seeing no progress for weeks does not.
She might have gotten there eventually sending out a query a week, or she might have gotten discouraged and given in to the inner critic that snuffs out all sorts of dreams. That accountability will force you to get the business up and running, and chances are that by the time the smoke clears, you’ll have enough business to make it through those first critical months.

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