Staying on the pallet trend with everyone else, check out this creative use of a recycled wood pallet. Bins on casters are an easy DIY solution to storage problems… and if they slide under something, all the better! Using a cup tree and coffee cups as office supply storage is genius…and if you can’t find your morning coffee cup, you have a stand in! Create a sliding storage system in your garage with this tutorial from Family Handyman… How great is this?
Quick way to keep your electrical cords handy and organized…with folder clips!A We saw this on Pinterest and had to try this ourselves! Remodelaholic has this wall storage bin tutorial… this bin is a cool but rustic design that would work in a mud room or an entry way…kitchen or office too! Jen over at I heart Organizing has this great budget DIY project for making drawer dividers out of cereal boxes! Finally, store kitchen items like pot lids on the back of cupboard doors using towel racks and gravity! Just a note that I did the folder clip idea over a year ago and it has been the greatest idea I have ever come across.

I use over the door shoe organizers in my laundry room for all my cleaning products, and another in my linen closet for medications, bandaids, cough drops etc. I purchased a canvas shoe organizer for the back of a door and use it on the back of my hall closet door to store gloves, winter hats, ear muffs, etc. 10 Tiny Home Storage Hacks to Maximize Your SpaceIf you have a tiny home, you have tiny storage areas too. The iPhone is probably one of the best looking phones ever made, but that beauty comes with a price. Yeah, I think it would just look weird with the black ones, even if you dyed the white out different colors. More for inspiration, but maybe you could use a combination of wood and forms for pouring cement? This would work for those bulky utensils that won’t fit in the drawer too…ladles anyone?
Rows are organized by cold, fever, headache (tylenol, aleve, ibuprofen etc) bandaids and antibiotic creams and first aid etc. No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project.

If you have a 4S or previous version, all it takes is one drop and the back glass is shattered (unless you're incredibly lucky). He made a wall of oversize alphabet blocks from MDF and wood, many of which were constructed as cabinets, drawers, and nooks to hold his daughter’s toys and clothes.
Just make sure you use a big enough clip for some of the cords with bigger plugs or they won’t fit thru the clip very easily.
Replacing it yourself is pretty simple and cheap, but if you're not into DIY repairs, here's an easy alternative solution, as long as you have a white device. Only thing is, this wouldn't work for those of you with black iPhones, since the color would not show very well.

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