Some of them even come to Negril just to hook up with some big sexy rastaman with whom they can sow their wild oats before they settle down. There are also tons of hot guys of all races from many countries vacationing in Jamaica year round. However, the following are videos of only the hot Jamaican guys found in Negril or in other places in Jamaica. All encyclopedias rely upon experts to provide them with authoritative and true articles about their subjects and this video encyclopedia is no exception. Enterprise owners (and their patrons) may also provide us with separate additional videos of some of the unique, interesting things that occur within their enterprises. If you own a smaller Negril enterprise or micro-business and you are without a website of your own, you may use your page here for a starter website until you are ready to create one of your own. All videos and photos of Negril's enterprises will greatly humanize and express the true ambiance of each of them.

If the video(s) can't be uploaded to You Tube, then just e-mail them to us as a file attachment. Alternatively, people may snail-mail cd-rom(s) of their video(s) to Alex Hanson at 6542 N.
Each digital video embedded on this Vidia is also shown on You Tube, so it becomes a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, goodwill ambassador that will promote that particular Negril enterprise - world-wide!
So, though the rastamen are prevalent, they don't have a lock on this part of the world's single female tourists who have come here hoping to get their groove back on. However, the articles that we use here are in photo and video form, so the experts whom we must rely upon to produce them are Negril's enterprise owners, managers and their patrons.
This will humanize their enterprise to the public by being a very friendly and inviting way of encouraging people to come to Negril for their vacations. This can help allay potential visitor's fears of the unknown and increase each enterprise's chance of obtaining their patronage.

We'll then approriately categorize and embed these You Tube'd video(s) onto their page and onto any other appropriate pages within this website. These women feel that this can be accomplished with any attractive man here whom they find to be desirable, be he Jamaican or otherwise. After all, who is better quailfied to provide good visual information than these folks who have valid, first-hand knowledge about each of Negril's resorts, restaurants, clubs, shops, road stands, attractions and activities? When we receive these videos, we will check them for quality and then load them right onto You Tube and embed them onto all of the appropriate pages within this Vidia to which they might apply.

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