You can’t make a sale, make someone feel a certain emotion love, make them climb a mountain or get off the couch.
For example, if you want want your partner to be supportive you have to yourself BE supportive and act accordingly.
Spend your time and energy with a man who desires you passionately and will commit 100% to a serious relationship.
By the way, nice guys don’t finish last, but bad boys usually get the front of the line. Clearly Jay what Debbie is saying is that you can’t just go make a 5point list read it out to this man and expect no to scare him off. Well sadly, it is very hard to convince a man to have a committed relationship, when you have already said you are OK with not having one.

He is probably one of the guys that whines about how good guys finish last and how all girls like drama. By now what she should know is that this man is clearly not interested in her on a full time scale! My ideal man should be the almost perfect gentleman you know the one that brings flowers on dates and opens the door and pulls out the chair (that’s rare) and must be respectful. From my experience, most men would BOLT if you brought out a piece of paper outlining what you expect from him. He wants casual and she is going to look soooooo desperate if she starts banging on about lists and commitment etc. Share or message your boyfriend with the best quotes to make him remember you all the time.

Ok, so it’s obvious that men do not want a committed relationship with a girl who puts out. I’ve never played games like this before but all I seem to get are guys who just want sex.

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