By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. If a man hasn’t talked about being “exclusive” with you yet, then he is likely still casually dating. But you can set things up from the beginning of a relationship so that a man naturally wants a commitment from you and is the one asking you for exclusivity. Men are simply not attracted to women who try and convince them to be in a more serious relationship with them. When a man has an easy time having a woman fall for him, or a man sees a woman acting in a way that says she will not be okay without his love and commitment, then a man is turned off. On the other hand, when a woman is selective about how and when she moves into a more serious and committed relationship, she’s coming from a place of inviting the man to be with her, but at the same time being clear that her life is going to continue forward and be full and rich no matter what a man does.
So aside from having the right “attitude”, how do you show a man that you’re selective and draw him closer to you?
When you present your needs and boundaries like this, the right man will realize he’d be a fool to lose you. Understanding attraction and how it works is absolutely critical if you want to create a connected, lasting relationship with a man. Elisa and Malik are like the “old couple” among their friends – they’ve been together now for 5 years, and even though they haven’t ever discussed marriage, she isn’t seeing other guys. Jasmin and Darren started seeing each other about 4 months ago, and are ecstatically in love.
Before you tell me which of the guys in these three relationships do you think is cheating, let me tell you this: Every single one of those guys is seeing other women. Most women would tell you that if two people are “together” and one of them “sees” other people, that’s cheating. When a woman has that definition of cheating, she often completely gives over her life to a man who isn’t doing the same.
If you hope for and want to be married someday, you could lose years of your life this way, waiting for a man who isn’t waiting for you. First, where two people have made a clear and explicit agreement to date only each other and one of them breaks that agreement. And second, in a marriage when one person “dates” (meaning sees because they’re sexually or deeply emotionally interested in) another. I’m not at all saying “play hard to get” – I’m saying look for the man who is going to commit, and don’t stop looking until you find him! This actually not only keeps you from losing years of your life with a man who isn’t going to commit, it also makes you extremely desirable among men! First, you need to clearly communicate (and this is delicate, and I talk more about it in “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever”) exactly how long you’re willing to date without a commitment. Then, you need keep dating other guys until the two of you explicitly agree to be exclusive. I know it’s hard to spend time seeing, spending time with, and enjoying other guys when all you want is to fall happily into the arms of this one particular man, but until you two agree that you are each other’s “only and forever,” that’s the best path toward your dreams. If you’re sick of “Bad Boys,” “Players,” and guys who just won’t commit, you need to go watch this new video renowned relationship expert Michael Fiore put up. Claire Casey has spent years traveling the sometimes dazzling, sometimes dark and rocky paths that connect the hearts of men to the women they love. Attitude and Believe and Determination and Inspiration and Inspirational and Motivation and Motivational and Passion and Positive and Quotes and Willpower Only He Who Can See The Invincible Can Do Anything. The Summit was a grand success and the atmosphere at the venues was very positive as the companies dealing in luxury had a very good year and all of them were looking forward to a good year with more opportunities than threats.

While concluding the coverage of Reuters Global Luxury Summit 2011, we bring to you seven diverse stories that generate a feeling of confidence and excitement and show the way forward. The Strategy : Leverage the new technology to keep ahead of the competition, both old and new.
Neiman Marcus is one of the early practitioners of e-commerce and has established itself in the field with almost 16% of its annual sales being generated online.
Outlook : Brazil is going to be the next engine of growth after China for the luxury industry, believe executives. In absolute terms the luxury sales in Brazil might be very small even when compared to the other emerging markets but it is the pace of growth that has caught the attention of luxury marketers around the world. The Plan : The fast pace of growth will require some investment to sustain it and IPO may be floated in a year’s time. The Motive : She would like to create an empire that would be passed on to her next generations and last much beyond her. Furstenberg told the summit in Paris that her brand had registered a healthy growth and would like to leave behind a legacy. The Strategy : The focus will be on opening more of lower price outlets because that is where the demand and growth is. Saks Inc Neiman Marcus NMRCUS.UL and Nordstrom Inc are all focusing on low-price outlets in their new store openings. The Trend : The new generation men want to look good on the job and their women also want them to look good resulting in additional business for luxury brands. Top executives of luxury department stores told the Reuters Global Luxury and Fashion Summit that the men are beginning to spend more on themselves.
Not only does this put you in a vulnerable position, but it assumes that he’s the one in control, and it will actually make him feel LESS attracted to you. Instead, men are deeply and naturally attracted to women who live their lives and have certain “standards” when it comes to interacting with men.
He senses that the reason she wants to move forward is more about satisfying unmet emotional needs than about true connection and appreciation. This “attitude” is a subtle shift, but the response that a man will have to it will make all the difference. You can do it by saying something as simple as: “It’s completely your right to date more than one woman at a time, but I want you to know that I’m looking for an exclusive relationship with the right person. The right man will step up to the plate and ASK YOU for the commitment you’re after…and he’ll swell up thinking it was his idea all along and that he’s “won” you. To learn more about the kind of woman a great guy is attracted to for the long term, subscribe to Christian’s free e-newsletter.
They talk on the phone multiple times every day, and go out on a date several times a week. I’m not convinced there’s even one guy in the world who would agree with that definition, though. In other words, he’s “won” her and may now either a) lose interest, or b) enjoy and keep all the “benefits” of a relationship with her but never make a commitment, even though she’s made a commitment to him.
If you are a woman who is seeking a committed, exclusive relationship or marriage, one of the best things you could do to secure a commitment is to NOT be so easily won! As a lifelong writer, she has studied and written about the ways men and women grow (or destroy) love. It was a great opportunity for the luxury industry executives to learn from each other’s success.
Karen Katz, their Chief Executive told the Reuters Global Luxury and Fashion Summit that they never underestimated the power of the net and are reaping the benefit now.

Diane von Furstenberg told the Reuters Luxury and Fashion Summit in Paris that her two year old store in Brazil is their second largest after New York. In a competitive job market a man needs to look dapper as he makes his way up the corporate ladder.
When a man senses that the woman he’s with is also carefully deciding whether or not she should CHOOSE HIM or not, suddenly a man will jump into the “space” that brings a more committed relationship together. And you’re letting him know that you have standards that HE needs to meet before you decide to choose to be with him. If he doesn’t, you’ll know where you stand with him, and you can keep the door open for the man who is ready and able to create an amazing relationship with you. He’ll tell you what makes a guy want to commit to you, and what you can do to get him there without any convincing or game playing. Unlike the spotlight-loving, entertainment-based celebrity relationship coaches, Claire isn’t a model or a TV spokesperson, and she doesn’t have a lot of academic letters after her name… She just quietly empowers women to attract the kind of man who will treasure and protect a woman’s heart like the rare and beautiful gem it is.
The size of the market could be called tiny if you compare it with China but the pace of growth has amazed the entire industry. They are always striving to roll out new initiatives like live streaming of fashion shows and also use the mobile technology to access more customers.
Many executives felt that high import duties and complex bureaucracy has delayed the emergence of the luxury market in Brazil but could not prevent its growth. To sustain this double digit growth will require investment and the company will float an IPO or go far a strategic partner. Shawn Kravetz, president of Esplanade Capital said that for him luxury is having a good hamburger and spending quality time with family.
Technology has emerged as another opportunity area as it became evident that the companies who invested in technology benefitted immensely from it.
There applications for Apple iPad launched last year has been a great success as a significant amount of business is coming from people using their iPads. Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, Christian Louboutin and other big names have opened shops in Brazil in the last few years. Carven CEO Henri Sebaoun was elaborating on his plans at the Reuters Global Luxury and Fashion Summit in Paris. The executives dismissed the notion that these stores hurt their aura of exclusivity or high end prestige. A lot of this fashion awareness comes from wives, sisters, mothers and girlfriends nudging and reassuring their men. Internet, computer based applications and smartphones can contribute significantly to a robust growth.
They would be opening more stores of their own but the focus will continue to be on multi brand luxury department stores.
Yvan Mispelaere has been hired as a creative director and is expected to further help the business grow. In the expanding market it is possible for all the players to create a space for oneself despite the intense competition.

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