I pity the man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process.
May 30, 2015 by The Naive Idealist 15 Comments LikeTweetWhat I want isn’t a perfect partner, but a good relationship. A question was asked, “Where have all the good men gone”, and answers were found – The good men are scared of marriage, they are scared of divorce, they are scared of losing their kids, they never wanted to, or never had to, grow up or they simply can’t find any good women.
I have started to wonder if we have spent so much time perfecting what we are looking for in a partner that we have somehow forgotten to look at what we want in a relationship. There are so many messages out there on what women want, how to please women, make them fall for you and so on. The common theme I came across for Where have all the Good Men Gone was no one seemed to have actually asked the good men where they went, or particularly seemed to even care about the fact no one had asked them.
I knew what my father wanted since I had lived with him for 20 years,but my husband was different . I knew that he wanted to succeed in his job, that he worked to change our society to a better world for all of us in politics.
But if he had been able to express himself like you do here, come close ,be honest about emotions and needs then I do not think I would have left him. Luke, I like that you were able to articulate the kind of relationship that would work for you. And yes, there are a lot of pieces out there telling men how to please women or how to get them into bed. Have you actually asked, and had tht conversation with a lot of men, or have you mostly been Reading the magasines?
Someone to help me find the way, not someone who just lags behind and tells me we’re heading the wrong way. I too had a relationship where I thought I had it all, only to find there wasn’t room for me, my visions and dreams, there.
Killing our Favorite CharactersMatthew Sweet reflects that people we love, the ones we can’t imagine losing, could be the ones that go next.
Randy Rainbow Sits Down With Donald Trump And Things Get Weird, FastRandy sits down with Donald to ask the hard-hitting questions Megyn Kelly left out. Men Are Not Simple Creatures, but They Aren’t Impossible to UnderstandWomen need a guide, not a manipulation manual of how to get a guy to do what you want.
Choosing to Believe in Love Will Neutralise Destructive Negative ExpectationsEven cynical romantics, with a set of unrealistic expectations for a relationship, can see the power of choosing to believe in ‘possibility’. Harrison, a grandson of President William Henry Harrison, was born in North Bend, Ohio, and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, at age 21, eventually becoming a prominent politician there. Although minstrels created their own tales, often they would memorize and embellish the works of others.

I’m looking for my equal, someone who’s seen the harsh realities of life but someone who can still see the beauty in life too. I am sure there is far more but these are some of the things that were missing, disappeared, or lacking in my past and I feel their loss even now. Side note: I realize that the author is heterosexual, but these points are valid regardless of orientation. But these articles are usually pretty shallow, ultimately they are about how to teach men to get what they want from women more then they are about healthy talking points about what a woman may really want.
I am totally with you about the need for a woman co communicate what she needs.Naturally, in respectful ways.
But Hurry—Sale Ends Tonight at MidnightThe Good Men Project presents the Good Merch Project, unveiling its collection of t-shirts and swag. What would make me take that leap a second time, what would truly make me feel blessed in both good times and bad? I’m not a man who leads, and I’m not a man who follows either, I’ve always traveled my own path, my journey towards forever, and I’m looking for someone to share that with, someone who walks a similar path. I don’t know whether I am a good man but I see my friends searching for good women and men. That said, I look forward to the day when good content such as this is less heterocentric and more neutral. Usually when you ask a man what he is looking for, most of the dialogue focuses on her age, looks and breast size. But the best dances I have are the ones where the lady communicates what she wants from the dance.
But, how lovely it would be to have a woman that felt all the things for me as you have so eloquently written. This series was inspired by Luke Davis, whose eye for story and ear for lyrical prose are featured here.
I asked the old dogs, those who have been married for decades, those who should have an answer, not necessarily my answer though, and they responded; respect, support, tenderness, love, passion, honor, commitment, compatibility, intimacy, listening, communication and tenacity to weather life together.
In dating, a man is supposed to take control and lead, but this to me does not make for equals. The person that I marry, they can’t have me and not my dreams because that is not the person they met. I know full well the costs that come with a failed marriage, I know full well how easily I can be left as a mere husk of a man taking years to heal, I know full well the power a woman can wield in those final days.
But these were not enough for me, it’s like describing a fish by saying it has fins, or a tree by saying it has leaves.
In movies a man is supposed to be nagged because he does not know what to do, but this does not make for equals either.

For better or for worse you have been given this power so I ask of my partner with two things.
It’s not the easiest to put this into words though because it happens all through touch.
Only I could answer my own question, a question I should have asked myself a long time ago.
There are times that I should take the steering wheel, and times I am weary and my partner should take that responsibility too. I want to fly through space, to show the world that beauty still exists and to see and feel that beauty every day. They seem to be very different things, traits in a partner versus traits in a relationship. There will be times we will both be weary and it falls upon us both to search for a romantic rustic cottage, a place we both can pause and recharge. I need to be shown what she likes in bed, I need to hear her fantasies, I really won’t judge. I think there are still a lot of good men and women out there, but I think we spend far too much time looking for a perfect partner instead of what we should be looking for – a good relationship.
I think some of that has to do with individual personality and how girls are brought up to not step on other’s shoes (yes pun intended!). This is the journey that I will share, I need my partner to understand that I may well never reach these impossible heights but if I stumble I want to know I can count on my partner to offer me a hand up. Secondly I can’t promise things won’t be hard, they will be, they can be very hard, but it is our responsibility to weather them, not all yours, not all mine, but ours. Please remember we are committed together, we are not enemy combatants, and we are not trying to be better or worse off than the other.
I fear though that I live in a world where dreams are dismissed as nothing but flights of fancy. Our Happiness, victories, losses and miseries have to be shared or our commitment will break under the strain. But I fear the media has taught us well how to see the green grass in distant pastures and commitments are abandoned, left to fallow, rather than fertilized and watered. But some of these things seem to be forbidden, as if some rule precludes too much, as if I must guess how much I am loved because if I knew I would somehow lose interest.

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