Aquarius is one of the constellations of the zodiac signs, and one through which the sun passes once in a year. In Greek mythology, which has the oldest explanation of Aquarius, it is identified as Ganymede or the cup bearer for the gods. Alpha Aquarii also known as the Sadalmelik is one of the brightest stars in the night sky and it is very huge in size. There is a unique Y shaped set of 4 stars and in order to identify the Aquarius constellation you have to look for these four stars.

They are very bright and one of them is the Zeta Aquarii, and it makes up the water jar of the sun sign. Beta Aquarii or Sadalsund is another star and is located at a distance of 760 light years from earth. The Aquarius constellation is recognized by the water carrier or bearer sign of the zodiac.
Gamma Aquarii or the Sadachbia is the third star that shines bright and is located at 158 light years from the earth.

Even though there are no hundred percent experiences and only some amount of it is true, when we read about our own zodiac signs, we can relate to several qualities written about it and we have.

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