What a Sagittarius man looks for in a woman is a complex issue because the archer has a multi-layered personality that's often masked by his positive, easy-going attitude. Beneath a Sagittarian man's gentle, fun-loving facade, beats the heart of a diehard romantic and fierce lover.
A Sagittarian male can see beyond a woman's outershell and wants to find that depth of soul inside her. The ideal exchange of giving and receiving is epitomized in a Sagittarian, so his partner should make sure she's a worthy lover.
Never mistreat anyone - For example, Sag's partner should never be rude to a sales clerk or waiter.
Never participate in vicious gossip - Sagittarians are genuinely interested in other people and enjoy getting to know others, but they don't appreciate people who belittle others. Suggestions such as maintaining good manners and refraining from nagging are fairly universal in their application. A health and beauty site commissioned designers from around the globe to present the idealized version of a male subject.
Superdrug, an online health and beauty retailer, was curious how notions about male attractiveness different from culture to culture. So it gave 19 graphic designers—eleven women and eight men—the same photo of a shirtless man and asked them to work some Photoshop magic to turn him into an idealized physical specimen. Some touches are intriguing: Our Russian designer gave him a golden mane, while our American artist added a well-gelled coiffe.

For a more in-depth analysis of traits like skin color, weight and muscle tone, click here. The Thor lookalike teased (no pun intended) his new style a week ago with this Instagram snapshot of his freshly chopped strands, along with a Wigs for Kids donation form. However, this star sign is definitely discerning and can see all the way into a woman's soul. A woman must understand that thid man won't tell her he's jealous or upset; he'll keep it inside. However, he won't feel his partner deserves his loyalty if he's denied the basics such as intimacy and genuine enjoyment of sex.
Here are a few tips for any woman who wants to build a lasting relationship with the archer. Chances are he's late because he was trying to find the exact shade of peach roses he wanted for her. Sagittarians have a fine sense of social manners and are easily offended if their partners act poorly, especially in public and toward other people. She should simply tell him what she wants in a straightforward but pleasant manner that he can appreciate. However, certain zodiac signs are far more forgiving of specific character flaws than others. Our designer in Egypt made him swarthy, our Spanish artist maintained his light skin tone, and our Hong Kong designer narrowed his face.

Our Serbian designer even drew a half-sleeve tattoo… and our Bangladeshi Photoshop artist conjured a [sarong].
The non-profit organization has been aiding children who have suffered from hair loss since 1981.
He will share his positive emotions, but he'll hide feelings he deems negative or unworthy. He also has a social conscience and is constantly caught performing acts of kindness for others. The generally warm and affable nature of a Sagittarius man is highly sensitive to shrewish and negative behaviors. He is one of the most attentive and skilled lovers in the zodiac, and he makes everyday life romantic with all the small things he does that show just how thoughtful and considerate a lover he is. Having a polite, inviting persona is key for any woman who wants to attract this fire sign's attention. If a woman can exhibit the aforementioned characteristics while still being true to herself, she won't need to wonder what a Sagittarius man looks for in a woman because she'll know.

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