Taurus is most compatible with other earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn) and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).
Year-End Musings from Jeff, the Publisher Sasstrology on iPhone and Android: Your Feedback Welcome Are You Following Us on Facebook and Twitter? Taurus men are mostly compatible with women who come under the sun signs of Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Gemini. Now if you are looking to get a Taurus man in love with you, there are some important things that you need to keep in mind. This entry was posted in Astrology and tagged sun sign, taurus, tautus man, zodiac on June 8, 2011 by coolwritingca.
A typical Taurus woman will ignore them, although Capricorn man might be a little more sensitive. I often get asked questions like – is a Taurus man a cheater, how likely is my Taurus man to cheat on me? None of us is perfect, and often times the only difference between a saint and a sinner is one bad day. So, if you do not want your Taurus male partner to cheat on you, or to stab you in the back emotionally, read this special report carefully. The typical Taurus man is direction oriented, this is a very ambitious person, this is a person who is going places in life. While many Taurus men like stability, they can also get bored easily especially when there is a younger and better looking and more emotionally lively female waiting in the wings. One of the biggest weaknesses of a typical Taurus man is that he tends to be superficial; he tends to truly believe that you can judge a book by its cover. You have to remember, as he looks to dominate other men in terms of power and corporate hierarchy, he wants a partner that makes him look good. Call it a weakness, call it a flaw, but if you want to keep your Taurus man, you need to keep up with his rise and status.
From the perspective of making money and dominating other men, achieving a high social status and being respected, this is a very solid sign. However, from an emotional perspective, it is not uncommon for the Taurus to give up everything for physical progress, and one of these things he gives up is emotional progress.
So, you will always have that, and that is why it is very important that you understand and know that he needs to be emotionally carried from time to time. If you want your relationship to progress, regardless of the horoscope sign of your partner, you have to know his “love language”. Some people express their love by supportive words, other people express their love by giving small gifts.
The Taurus man can get quite dense when it comes to emotional matters, but he does have his own specific love language too.

So, you have to be more adventurous, you cannot just curl up into your comfort zone and expect things to never change. When he sees that in you, he sees that you are making progress with him, he sees a life partner.
The physical incentive will always be there, but if the emotional incentives are strong enough, that will prevent your Taurus man from ever cheating on you or ever betraying you emotionally. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. It is associated with the Second House, and is ruled by Venus, goddess of love, money and beauty. They do not get a long too well with people from the sun signs of Aries, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. The real clue to the life in this relationship is that pisces and capricorn compatibility today. These are common questions about most signs of the Zodiac, but it seems to be a particularly common question when it comes to the Taurus man.
However, you must keep in mind that there is a big difference between being challenged emotionally and drama. So, to make sure that your Taurus man never cheats on you or walks out on you, you need to take good care of your looks. I am not talking about getting plastic surgery or taking any extreme measures like that, just look great for your age. He does not mind starting at zero, but he knows what he wants and he wants to get to the top. This is why if you are looking to get taken care of, if you are looking to live in a big house, if you’re looking to roll in a very nice expensive car, it is nice to be take care of by a Taurus man. This may seem problematic to many women who would like to be accepted for what they are, but you have to remember, if you want to play that game, you have to buy into this. Gemini women can struggle with this aspect of the Taurus man and it can mean that Gemini Taurus relationships struggle to achieve long term success. In my experience this is the biggest giveaway sign that the Taurus man is about to cheat or be unfaithful.
Others give lovingly touch their partner and finally others show their love and emotional support by doing acts of service, by doing small things around the house or doing small things at work to show that they care about their partner. Once you become an emotional habit for him, hopefully a positive habit, you are in for the long haul.
The Taurus is always moving forward when it comes to ambition, when it comes to money, when it comes to status, he expects these things of himself and he expects these things of his partner as well. Your relationship will reach a certain stage where he feels that he is moving forward and you are holding him back.

Let me tell you that it is not very easy to get along with a Taurus man, but if you really hit it off, then your life will be heaven. For the signs not mentioned here, it is a 50-50 chance, and just depends how both hit it off. Loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness, all these traits can be found in all horoscope signs, and all horoscope signs can have challenges when it comes to these traits. Depending on his background, depending on his experiences, depending on how he looks at life and depending on his attitude – certain temptations might be easier for the Taurus man to give in to. Doing this will keep your Taurus man guessing and thinking about you and it is a key way to attract and keep his attention in a relationship. So if you are really interested in a Taurus man, or have someone in mind and just want to know more about Taurus men, then here goes. He will like if a conversation is according to his interests, something that not all women can do easily. He has a decent sense of humor, but does not show the same level of it when someone else cracks a joke. And when he is emotionally attached to someone, he will care for that person wholeheartedly. They have their own point of view for almost everything, and people who don’t agree with them, are in for a tough time. He is extremely possessive of his love interest, and also it is important to know that you should not try to change him in his ways and thinking. A Taurus man does not get angry easily, but trust me, you don’t want to be around when he does. If there is anything you don’t agree to, the best way is to tell him in a very polite and pleasant way, about how you feel. He will get upset and irritated if things do not go according to his plan, and he needs to make some change and adjustment. Sep 15, 2010 Capricorn man Taurus woman have successful relationship and they don't argue on small things.
We think alike and have THE CAPRICORN MAN - Born under the earth sign Capricorn men tend to be Best Bed Mates for the Capricorn: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces. This makes for an almost instant level of comfort that both Taurus woman and Capricorn man need in order to build a solid relationship.
Generally speaking a Capricorn - Sagittarius relationship tends to be A relationship with a Gemini woman can be very exciting, stimulating, Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus can be a challenge and, difficulties can arise with Make Every Man Want You More Success coach Marie Forleo, Fox News Online Life The Taurus-Capricorn relationship is a highly promising one.

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