Money can cause a lot of stress in a relationship, and this is never truer than on Hallmark's High Holy Days -- Christmas, your anniversary and, of course, Valentine's Day. The National Retail Federation projects Valentine's Day spending will shoot to $18.9 billion this year -- about $142 a person on candy, flowers and apparel. So we asked them for the best Valentine's Day gift they either gave or received for less than $20.
The best thing I have done for valentine's day that's under $20 would have to be putting together a homemade picnic lunch and taking my partner to a nature reserve. We were married in June, and the following year for Valentine's Day I presented Denise with a simple heart-shaped pin made out of wood (pictured here). Being the gracious person she always has been, Denise immediately said she loved it and asked me to pin it on her blouse.
Last year, for our 30th Valentine's Day together as a married couple, I bought Denise a small heart shaped broach made from her birthstone and a couple of tiny diamonds.
Later that evening when we went out to dinner, I looked lovingly at her across the table and noticed that before we'd left home, she'd replaced the pin I'd just given her with the wooden one I'd carved for her 30 years before.

One of the best and most memorable Valentine's Day gifts that I ever received was a single white rose in a vase from the guy I had been dating for a few months. One of our most popular posts right now is the Candy Bar Letter that I made for Father’s Day¬†a few years ago.
I’ve been exploring for a little bit for any high quality articles or weblog posts in this kind of house . A whopping 91 percent of those polled by the NRF are planning on doing something special for their significant other, and that won't come cheap. We talked to more than 30 personal finance and relationship experts on the delicate politics of romantic gift-giving, and they all said more or less the same thing: It doesn't have to cost money to mean something -- and, in fact, sometimes the best gifts are the cheapest. I remember receiving the gift and thinking "this is great!" My girlfriend at the time knew that I loved drinking beer from big beer mugs, and she said that she wanted to get me something that would last. It was attractive enough, I suppose, with the natural rings of the wood creating the center of the heart.
As I did so, I told her that I'd carved it for her myself, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

By that point in our lives, I didn't even hesitate to fork over the couple of hundred dollars it cost me at the jewelry store. Like three decades before, when Denise unwrapped it she said she loved it, and asked me to help pin it on her blouse.
We married the following year, and welcomed our first child on Valentine's Day (10 years after I received that rose).
So I would put the story in the middle and let everybody sign on the sides, or put pictures on the sides.

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