Tip: If you have some DRM-protected songs and auio books, and want to share them with others, you may be interested in this good Audio DRM Removal software.
CC Mixter is a music social network that offers music remixing tools to let users to produce new musical content. As a sub-project of the Internet Archive, the Audio Archive has collected over 50,000 free audio recordings.
Decrypt (rip) different kinds of copyrighted DVD discs, and convert media contents on DVDs to over 60 video and audio file formats (e.g.

Legally remove DRM from videos and audios purchased from iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, BBC iPlayer, Rhapsody, Nokia OVI, Xbox Music etc. If you dona€™t have money (or have money but dona€™t want to spend) for the music, you will really like the 10 free music websites listed in this article.
It allows visitors to edit its content, and its automated algorithm detect, search the internet for newest and best MP3 files and add them to its database. It allows you to listen to free streaming songs, compiling your own playlists, share your favorite music via Facebook, Twitter, and via Email.

Jamendo allows users to search for music by Genres, Instruments or mood, also offers tags and reviews to help users find the right music fast.

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