With so many unscrupulous things happening on the internet it is important to protect your kids and family.
Back then there was no real need for strict parental controls – because the Internet did not really exist.  These days even if you aren’t looking for bad things, they somehow find you online.
One of the main ways to protect your kids from the potential online dangers is to have a good security system in place.
The Multi-Device comes with parental control management which not only allows us as parents to track which websites our kids visit, but also block access to inappropriate and unsuitable ones. I definitely don’t want my children on some adult website discovering the “birds and the bees”, or being lured into joining terrorist organizations, or meeting child molesters!!
In addition to all the other social media platforms out there, almost everyone these days has a Facebook account. The best part of the Norton 360 Multi-Device is that it allows you to have Norton protection for multiple devices all in one place, and it allows you to use one single key to activate protection across all of your devices. Use a comprehensive security system on your computer which allows for parental control tools.

There are a lot of bad people lurking out there – now it’s not just in your small neighborhood, but worldwide!
It’s funny when you tell the story now, but that is pretty scary if you think about it. DescriptionInspirational Wall Quotes & Vinyl Wall Decals - A beautiful inspirational quote for your teen girl (or any girl for that matter!).
Whether it’s pornography, online stalkers, XXX websites, hackers, cyber criminals…the list just goes on and on. This is especially important to those of use with young children who are just starting to explore the internet – who knows what bad sites they might stumble upon. Norton’s parental controls management system allows us parents to keep an eye on our kid’s social network activities, monitor who they are chatting with online and manage the amount of time they spend online. It also has a cloud-based management console that allows us as parents to have control of all of our family’s devices from anywhere – all you need is the internet. When I was 18 years old, my summer job as a telemarketer was to cold call people and conduct a survey on “whether or not they had heard of the Internet”.

What happened to normal bank robbers who covered their faces with black ski masks, or strangers offering you candy from their windowless vans? For computers we need to install special software.  Norton by Symantec recently came out with a new consumer security product, the Norton 360 Multi-Device which has five patented layers of protection that detects and eliminates threats more quickly and accurately than other technologies. According to recent findings from the Norton Cybercrime Report 2012, there has been an increase in “new” forms of cybercrime found on social networks like Facebook. You would have to be living in outer space to not know what the Internet is (although by now I am sure that aliens have even heard of it).
The Norton 360 Multi-Device has a special application for Facebook (Norton Safe Web for Facebook) that scans your news feed and identifies any risky links, such as phishing sites, dangerous downloads or unsafe external sites.  All the scanning is done behind the scenes so you don’t even know it’s happening until there is a potential threat (all you have to do is enable this feature).

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