This entry was posted in Articles, Asia and tagged Asia, Bangkok, Kathoey, Pattaya, Phuket, Thailand on April 1, 2013 by Alex Cardo. My Thai Girlfriend is 29 and works as a chemical engineer at an oil refinery, she works hard and even has a shop with several employees, and has just brought herself a brand new pickup truck. I would just add that having lived in Asia for many years that the most important thing to remember when dating an Asian girl is the huge difference in culture and the way western and Asian minds work. If you dont adapt your doomed, never expect them to adapt to your way of thinking if you want to make a success of the relationship. What might be a funny comment to you or a western girl might be taken completely the wrong way and believe me you have never seen a temper tantrum until you seen an Asian girls. And If you really want to impress your girl and her family then pick up some tools and fix their Fence or repair a door it worth far more brownie points than any of those guys get who think spending money will impress them. You’re a decent guy, not too shabby in the looks department, you’re moderately successful, drive a decent car and live in a decent house. Understandably, if you can relate to this you will have been feeling frustrated about it lately and possibly wondering to yourself, “Why can’t I find a girlfriend?” So, what is the answer? In the end, the poor guy begins to doubt himself and develop new fears and anxieties about not having a girlfriend. Of course the more anxious he gets about it, the harder it becomes to find the right girl, because women are most attracted to a guy’s confidence and belief in himself.
Since many guys grow up without strong (or effective) male role models, they have difficulty in understanding the true dynamics between men and women. Sadly, a lot of modern men believe it and end up spending loads of money on material items, hoping that women will finally begin to like them.
Many guys who fail to get themselves a girlfriend for long period of time may begin to think that the fault lies with women. When you next meet a woman who could potentially be your girlfriend, just remember that she is going to like you if you can relax and be yourself, without getting clingy, being boring or being too polite.
If you come across as being “star struck” by her and overly excited about the possibility that a girl might actually like you, most women will pick up on that and realize that they’d probably be doing you a favor by going out with you.
Dan Bacon is a dating expert and the founder of The Modern Man, a company which has helped 1,000s of men achieve success with women.
As I approach one year of living in Los Angeles as a transplant from New York City, I'm surprised at how I have come redefine my East Los Angeles neighborhood as home. My loyalty for my hood on the Boyle Heights City Terrace border became more apparent with the release of the first Hulu all Latino series East Los High. While the producers allege that the show's creation was an attempt to counter stereotypes by having "no gardeners, no gang members and no maids," what it does have is one dimensional characters that my East L.A.
The teens in the room, one who grew up in East LA and my daughter, the recent transplant said that at their school all the kids talk to each other and not just about sex. While the show is peppered with real scenes from the neighborhood including Plaza de la Raza, a 99 cent store I frequent (shout out to el Arcoiris on Wabash) and the main shopping strip along Chavez and Soto, no one takes the bus, there wasn't a helicopter aka ghetto bird in sight, the iconic East L.A. As artist Lalo Alcaraz tweeted during our watch party on Saturday, there is no shortage of Latino writers who can and want to make complex characters reflecting the realities of our neighborhoods. The question is will people want to watch something like that or do they prefer the escapist teen drama route that barely scratches the surface of people are really dealing with in East Los Angeles or any barrio really?

Follow Maegan "Mamita Mala" Ortiz as she chronicles her adventures as a Nuyorican in LA, including how she got her nickname, her evolving thoughts on marriage, her young daughter asking if she can be Chicana when she growns up, her musings on different Spanglish accents and slang, and the story of how the self-proclaimed original "Twitterputa" fell in love and ended up here in the first place. Photo by Garry Knight How to find girlfriend in Thailand: 3 wrong ways and 1 right way So you want to go to Thailand.
If a guy is “normal” with nothing seriously wrong with him, having a girlfriend is an expected thing that he should do and if he doesn’t, people start to wonder if he actually likes women at all. So, unfortunately, most guys find themselves sliding down a slippery slope of ever increasing anxiety and fear surrounding women. Added to this, TV and movies give such a distorted portrayal of the relationships between men and women that many guys struggle to understand what women really want in a man.
Over the years, many men have come to me for help and started out by blaming women for being too picky and choosy and for only going for guys who look like male models, drive sports cars or who are making millions.
There’s nothing wrong with good manners, but a guy who’s always on his best behavior, avoids flirting and sexual body language during an interaction with a woman he feels attracted to, is inevitably wasting his (and her) time. A guy who is desperate to find a girlfriend will either settle for anything he can get, or when he’s with a woman he really likes he’ll try too hard to get her to like him too. Some guys come up with excuses to avoid the women they feel attraction to, such as “She probably has a boyfriend”). Approaching a woman is only the first step; getting her to feel attraction for you and then developing a connection with her is what makes it possible to “close the deal” and begin the process of making her your girlfriend. Some guys latch on to the first woman they approach and immediately signal that they want to be her boyfriend and begin a relationship with her. Through his modules, systems, seminars and coaching, Dan has helped men from all over the world improve their overall confidence to strengthen their relationships, find success in meeting women and accomplish their women-related goals.
He has a book called The Flow and 10 additional training programs about success with women, dating and relationships in the modern world. The drama, which takes place in the fictional East Los High School deserves props for filming here, but when my East Los Angeles-raised friends, my teenage daughter and her boyfriend sat down to watch, we were disappointed by a narrative that centers around stereotypes of sex, poverty, and crime. For many men this provides an opportunity to get to know a girl before travelling to Thailand. On the other hand, you often see guys less good looking than you, with less money and less success and yet they have a beautiful woman on their arm. Yet, what these guys fail to remember is that they always see average (even “ugly”) looking guys with beautiful women. Indecision comes across as mental and emotional weakness and women find this to be a big turn off. A woman doesn’t like to feel pressured into liking a guy and she definitely doesn’t want to feel like she’s doing him a favor by dating him either. Then they sit alone or with friends, feeling sad and frustrated about why they can’t find a girlfriend. However, many guys can’t even get past the initial conversation because they run out of things to say or find it difficult to keep the conversation interesting. Upon first watching the preview of the show, which we felt was a browner version of teen dramas like "Gossip Girl," my partner, friends and I thought it would be a good idea to host a watch party with residents and students to gauge the accuracy of the representation. Ceci and Vanessa are backstabbing mean girls who play against the virginal Jessie and Soli.

I didn't recognize any of the parents I have sat with at school meetings at both the elementary and high school level who, yes are overwhelmed by work and bills but who are very engaged in the lives of their kids. However bearing in mind your advice here the problem with online dating is you cannot be sure if the girl belongs to one of the above categories or not. Often, these guys don’t even have a job, let alone a sports car, so why can they get the girl, but he can’t? However, being too nice to women in the hope that they choose you for being a good, little boy is not the answer. As a result, women never really get to see the real them and walk away with a shallow impress of the guy. Maya is the odd girl out, running away from a violent, sexual predator of a father and surviving by dealing drugs. They are all The same, humanity are all The Same, They Culture is different from Western cultures, but that’s why You guys Need to learn YOURSELF, instead of Reading a Blog like this One. Women don’t want to date a guy who feels like their little brother or like their best friend; they want to date a guy who makes them feel sexy, girly and like a real woman.
You should be my boyfriend!” Instead, she’ll just feel bored and will quickly forget that she ever met you. The bus driver on the 620 Boyle Heights shuttle knows me and daily I wave to my neighbors and chat with the local grocer who has a crush on me. The mothers of the teens are more visible than the absent fathers, but they remain oblivious to what their kids are doing both under their own roofs and in school because of work and overdue bills.
I’m not good enough for her,” then he can be sure that she will pick up on his insecurity and will reject him – proving to him that his insecurity was well placed and not realizing that it was the insecurity in the first place that got him rejected! How my hood and people who live there is represented is important to me even if I am relatively fresh off the plane.
Do not think that a prostitute – it is only those who are beckoning you to bars and strip clubs.
Very often in the street you can find a modest girl who did not look like a prostitute. This girl will talk to you, it will be nice to you, smile to you. Do not give her anything, just tell her about yourself and your destination in Thailand. So tell her that you came to find a girlfriend or wife. All, I have nothing more to tell, you know everything! Actually, I did not say anything new. It’s just that in Thailand, men often fall into a very dangerous situation after meeting with questionable girls. The fact that many travelers just see Thai girls and approach them, it is not taking the time to study these girls.

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