Do you agree to accept the risk on yourself to participate in this meet-up & hold a€?OC Fun Loving Singles over 50a€? & ita€™s leadership team harmless of any liability? We will be exploring the option of taking short distance Train and Bus trips, going to picnics at park, museums, sightseeing,  and more. TICKET PRICE: $20 Ticket price will be going up to $30 at the door so we recommend getting them ahead of time to save money and guarantee your spot. Like a rose that blossoms out of a sidewalk crack, Tagine sweetens the NYC theatre district with an exotic and alluring perfume. Aside from the beautiful and comfortably decorated interior, Tagine's kitchen is dynamic, baking its own semolina bread daily, and encasing its own lamb merguez.
We are the only artisanal Moroccan restaurant that has a variety of gluten free dishes on our in-house menu as well as an executive chef who can accommodate any dietary request. The purpose of this group is to build a community of business women and men in the midtown NYC area. If you are in search of an over 50 dating service that can allow you to find the exact date that you are thinking of, then you don't need to search any further because we have it all in one place and now all your dreams of finding a lover or soul mate can come true.
There is so much more lust for an experienced lover that can make those fantasies come true and that energy is what is gathered in this fascinating over 50 community. Moroccan lamps, handwoven berber textiles and cushy seating create an understated elegance.

Our new location boasts a generous bar, hookah lounge, semi private room and, as always,  one of the lasting live music venues in Manhattan. Forget about the cheap bars and restaurants that you have visited in the past because here, you will not waste your time and money doing boring things. As we get closer to the event date, we may shut down ticket sales for one gender to help keep the ratios balanced. There are several different cous cous selections on the menu, and mouthwatering house specialties include "bastilla", a Moroccan pheasant pie, and "moquadimat," a selection of appetizers, ordered a la carte or as a mixed platter.
This will provide members a fantastic and friendly community to network while enjoying delicious food and drinks. You want to meet someone but don't feel like hanging out in bars among a bunch of 20 somethings or wasting time weeding through online dating profiles. What a shock to step outside, following this amazing melange of sensory delights and find not camels and dunes, but rather midtown Manhattan! Included in the wine list, is a diverse selection of Moroccan varieties, which delightfully accompany the menu.
Join the hundreds of satisfied people that have managed to find the perfect match for themselves and are now having some memorable dating experiences.
You've been there, done that and want to find your mature match who is tired of all the childish games and ready for something real.

Don't walk away from your table without sampling "Halahwyat" the most delightful, hand rolled traditional confections and pastries, graciously served with mint tea or Moroccan spiced coffee.
This meetup will build a positive and supportive network in the midtown business community. This Over 50 Dating Service has just what you need and it allows you to precisely find the partner that suits your needs and expectations. If you live in the midtown NYC area and would love to meet new people while enjoying awesome happy hour specials then this meet up is for you!
Its magical how simple life can be and how easy it now is to find the person you have been searching for all your life.
People near you are connecting every day and you must join this fascinating dating opportunity that can make your life finally be thrilling like you always wanted it to be.

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