You would have observed many forms of paintings like paintings about nature, science, technology, social life and many other areas of life. History of body painting is very old but it became more apparent in 1950 and 1960 era due to some movements. In this form of body painting, body is painted with natural pigments like clay, Henna (mostly in Middle East and Asian countries), Genipa Americana juice, Annatto, Huito, sometimes charcoal and other natural color producing plants or flowers for painting their body parts.
As mentioned above body painting revived in 1960’s due to two art movements of that time in western culture.
In Asian culture you will see people in festivals or different occasions with their hands, face or feet painted. In body painting festivals and competitions, you will observe such art that it would be difficult for you to recognize the difference between original thing and the painted representation of the body.

Some groups paint their body and laydown on floor to form a pattern in order to demonstrate that thing like five people represented a frog in a competition with body painting art. You may have seen people painting on canvases, walls, mirrors, floors, tiles, utensils and anything possible to paint. In some culture, it’s necessary to paint body for participating in various festivals and occasions. Painting is basically an art which is used by artists to express their opinions or to show their solidarity with some policy, opinion or motive or to express their feelings.
Now painting is not only limited to non-living things, you can observe painting even on peoples’ body now. This is different from tattoo because it is drawn with a paint brush simply and on temporary basis, it may last for hours or for few days like henna painting.

Western countries also organize body painting world championship in which artists from every corner of world shows their talent by painting an impeccable idea on bodies. It is now same as before, you will see people in western festivals with their half or full body painted.

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