Johnny Mathis’ iconic Hollywood mansion was destroyed in a devastating fire on Monday evening.
As reported by TMZ, the blaze started while Mathis was on a flight from Cleveland to Los Angeles. A native of Gilmer, Texas, Johnny Mathis showed an early talent for singing and playing music.
While attending college, Mathis set a high jump record, which made him a strong contender for the Olympic team. In his spare time, Johnny Mathis sang with a Jazz band — which routinely performed at the Black Hawk nightclub.

Johnny has also received numerous honors for his work, including three Grammy Hall of Fame Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Los Angeles Fire Department Battalion Chief Dean Zipperman said he and his colleagues managed to spare some of Mathis’ personal effects. Despite losing the only house he ever owned, and a majority of his personal property, Johnny appeared to be optimistic. Although the legendary singer was not injured, as he was not at home, he suffered an incredible loss of personal property — and the only house he ever owned.
Although he started out singing with the church choir, his parents recognized and fostered his budding talent.

In the early 1950s, he attended San Francisco State University, where he majored in Physical Education. The executive was equally impressed with Mathis’ undeniable talent, and offered him a contact on the spot. The beloved singer was returning home from a performance in Cleveland, Ohio, when his house was destroyed in the fire.

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