A Texas woman awaiting sentencing in the shooting death of her husband has revealed that she accepted a plea deal so she could be released on parole quickly and get on with her life.
But police found no sign of forced entry, so Michele Williams changed her story, alleging that her 40-year-old spouse took his own life, and that she covered up his suicide for the sake of their 4-year-old daughter.
But in the course of a three-month investigation into the killing, police were able to untangle the wifea€™s web of lies.According to law enforcement, Mrs Williams sedated her husband and shot him from one foot away after turning up the volume on the TV in the affluent Dallas suburb of Keller. The suspect is looking at two years for the deadly conduct charge and four-and-a-half years for evidence tampering, but she could get time off for good behavior.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Michele Williams, 44, a twice-divorced Dallas woman dubbed in the media 'the black widow of Keller,' was arrested in 2012 for the murder of Gregory Williams, who was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head in the couple's tony home.
On a 911 call placed by Michele Williams October 13, 2011, the woman sounded hysterical and was sobbing so loudly that the emergency operator could hardly make out what she was saying.

The couplea€™s child slept through the entire ordeal.A  The wife then allegedly struck herself with a wrench and made the 5,000-square-foot home seem like it was the site of a home invasion. Initially, Mrs Williams claimed that an intruder broke in, hit her over the head with a wrench and then murdered her husband.
However, she noted that she is 'looking forward to getting the sentenced over with' so she could be reunited with her daughter. Williams added that she plans to take classes to help pass the time and use her skills as a personal trainer. Prosecutors have said they decided to offer Williams a plea deal because she had destroyed material evidence needed to prove an intentional murder beyond a reasonable doubt, including wiping down her home with bleach after her husbanda€™s death.

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