Pain can cause us to focus on ourselves and our needs which then fogs the path to experiencing true love.
Taylor Swift, 25, did quite a bit of future telling about her love life in a recent interview and confessed that she does not think that she could ever be seen in a successful relationship, ever again!
Taylor, the singer of Blank Space, was all ready to share insights about her fear regarding relationships. She feels that no one would ever feel happy to be together with her in a relationship and all the things that come along with it.
Stay informed about the latest celebrity, entertainment news and subscribe to our newsletter. Perhaps this comes from the painful violations of love woven into the fabric of our culture.

So our relationships become influenced by our need to be loved… or our fear of emotional pain. Lately Taylor came out with her latest fear and stated that she feels she will not be able to come across real love or true relationship, even after she turns 30, and also predicted that she would end up being single, forever! All of a sudden, the pop singer, who is quite well known for her love life, feels she will remain single for the rest of her life however, not entirely alone.
She said that she would probably remain single and when she was asked about what her status would remain soon after she hits the big 30, she still stated that she feels, she never will remain happy with her relationships and love life, that’s how she feels! She also said that she does not even know whether she would ever have a relationship again and if ever she does, for how long would it last, after everything that she has gone through. Everyone faces ups and downs in life, and it may take some time to come across the right one, if not at a go!

True love is then eclipsed by the intense struggle to be loved, or the fear, brought by pain and naked vulnerability, that I might not find true love. Definitely Taylor has loads of chances coming up her way and there definitely is space for relationship.

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