Personalize your online experience to stay up-to-date on news, events and other information. The Friends of the Library will hold their Winter Book Fair on Saturday, February 13th, from 8 AM until 2 PM inside Hagen Park Community Center, located behind City Hall at 2020 Wilton Drive.
The first settlers, called the Proprietors, arrived in Norwalk in 1651 and owned 50,000 acres in common. By the end of the seventeenth century, the Norwalk Proprietors began to sell off the northern lands for settlement.
The families who bought land in Wilton did not have their own church and were required to attend service in Norwalk each Sunday. The Wilton Parish, organized as an ecclesiastical society, dealt with many problems of a secular nature as well.
During the Revolutionary War, a surprisingly large number of over 300 men from Wilton served in a military unit.
In 1802, despite Norwalk's objections, the people of Wilton sought and were granted separate Town government status by an act of the Connecticut General Assembly.
In the nineteenth century, education became the responsibility of the school societies of nine separate school districts in Wilton. Industries such as shoemaking, shirt making, carriage building, and distilleries were common. During the years prior to the Civil War, the antislavery movement was strong in town, and Wilton served as one of the stops on the Underground Railroad, a loosely organized escape route to Canada for runaway slaves.

The coming of the railroad in 1852 did not bring many advantages to a community of home industry and farming; instead it offered easy access to the bountiful western lands.
Today Wilton is grateful for this long dormant period in its history because it saved many of the eighteenth and nineteenth century homes from demolition and suburban development. Originating in its colonial origins, Wilton had developed in a rather haphazard, individualistic way-a house here and a store there.
The transformation from a small farming town to a suburban residential community of approximately 18,000 has been carefully controlled by zoning and through the preservation of the town's older colonial landmarks.
The town has had the foresight to preserve almost 1,000 acres of open space for active and passive recreational use. There exists among both new residents and those with established roots a strong commitment and concern that Wilton, whatever its future, shall retain some part of its rural heritage.
No doubt you are very much aware of the ongoing initiative taken by the City of Wilton Manors and the Wilton Manors Police Department to raise awareness of pedestrian and cyclist safety. In the first six months of 2015 there were 2,368 pedestrian deaths compared with the first six months of 2014 when there was 2,232 pedestrian deaths. Please visit our Pedestrian Safety page to view the video which we produced in our continuing effort to raise awareness. Un super set de 26 emporte-pieces lettre de fabrication allemande (24mm) qui vous permettra de mettre en forme tous les messages que vous desirez pour personnaliser vos realisations.
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Top sellers range from books on tape to children’s DVDs, from cookbooks to gardening manuals.
Livraison rapide et pas chère et bien entendu le SAV est super dispo quand on a besoin de lui. The Friends will also take your donations of books and audio and video materials, or you may drop them off at the Library, at 500 NE 26th Street.

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