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China Good Quality Car GPS Antenna, Magnetic Mount Antenna and Monopole And Dipole Antenna International Trade Site. The software includes three components: Office Tabs for Word, Office Tabs for Excel and Office Tabs for PowerPoint. Save All in One Click - Save All Documents, Close All Documents, Close Other Documents, just in one click!
Easy-to-use - Tabbed document interface lets you open multiple documents to be contained with tabs in a single window. Easily Rename Files - If you want to rename a file, there is no need to open the "Save As" dialog to rename a file. Full Document Name - Without the Office Tab, if the document name is too long, the Windows taskbar can only display a small part of the document name. High Performance - Bases on standard Microsoft Office Add-in technology, no impact on Office performance and with extremely small file size. If you are looking to play this game in Windows 8 .for sure you have played it before in Windows 7. This article includes guidelines and instructions on how to configure windows firewall settings on a PC running on Windows 8.

TweetScoop.itIt was announced via Office Next blog that Microsoft will deliver Office Preview for Windows RT. These tools will initially be available through the pre-installed Office Home & Student 2013 RT package but offering a full-featured version of Office for Windows RT being delivered via Windows Update. If you didn’t gear about Windows RT version, it is essentially a slimmed down version of Windows 8 and has been optimized for tablet touchscreens and to provide a long-lasting battery life and including support for accelerometer, WLAN, Camera, Graphics, NFC (Near Field Communication) and other nice features like ambient light sensor or magnetometer and gyroscope. Microsoft has been forced to omit some features from the full version of Office for Windows RT in order to save battery. Customers of Microsoft Office products will also notice that Office on Windows RT will stop blinking the cursor after a few seconds if the user stops interacting with the application. If you have opened multiple files, you don't need to save and close them one by one, just click "Save All" from the context menu and all files are saved. Each document appears as a new tab in a tabbed window (not a new window) and can be accessed in one click. Office Tab also combines some common command items of Office, that let you access those items more quickly. With Office Tab, the tab can display the whole document name on the tab bar no matter how long the documents name is. This is intended to save battery power given that there’s no hardware or operating system support for a blinking cursor.

This feature conducive to quick and easy to improve your work efficiency with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The font style and length of the name on each tab can be customized based on your preference (to apply the changes, you need to close and restart Ms Office applications).
If you want to save the file into another folder, just access the "Save As" from the context menu. Windows RT is the ARM-based version of Windows 8 that is designed for smartphones and tablet devices. Now Microsoft plans to offer Office with its programs like PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Word for Windows RT. With Office Tabs, you can manage multiple documents within a single window easily and quickly. This comprehensive 16 program tutorial set provides in-depth training on Microsoft Office 2010, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher, and Windows 7, including Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium, and Internet Explorer 8!

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