What do you get when you have a very driven, hard-headed woman and a man who can’t seem to make up his mind regarding his life and would rather sit around at home playing video games all day?
You would have the typical issues at play in an Aquarius woman and Libra man love compatibility. As much as this may seem like a recipe for success, it’s also a recipe for disaster because what pushes the Aquarius forward can also push it down. If you really think about it deep enough and you look at all factors in any type of decision, it’s very easy to stay in the middle. One of the most obvious, also accurate readings of a typical Libra man is that they suffer from analysis paralysis. It may seem that this guy is just sitting on a couch playing video games but he’s really trying to weigh different things that are going on in his life. In such a case, the Aquarius woman can actually be very good for you because she can push you to make a decision.
This is why in many cases, Aquarius woman and Libra man love compatibility not just leads to emotionally rewarding relationship but can also lead to a lot of wealth. However, in the beginning, it’s probably going to put a lot of pressure on the Aquarius woman because the Aquarius woman is looking for commitment and this is very hard to do when the Libra man is always balancing, always weighing and really trying to kick the can down the road when it comes to making a decision. It’s very easy for the pushy Aquarius woman to just call the lazy Libra man hopeless.
Instead, you should focus on finding how to balance each other and having that balance push your relationship forward. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
At first impression you would think that the Taurus woman and a Capricorn man would have a relationship made in heaven. Truly polished Taurus woman and Capricorn men move past the material stage and start developing emotional authenticity, emotional depth, spiritual maturity and spiritual sensitivity.
Unfortunately, the big challenge of earth signs is they that tend to get stuck at the materialist stage. Unfortunately, a Taurus woman and a Capricorn man tend to cross the line fairly frequently. Make no mistake about it, just like matches between Taurus and Leo,  both Taurus and Capricorn can be very, very driven. With that said, it’s very easy to go on a journey and think that your partner in the journey is going in the same direction as you.
This might not be surprising because the divorce rate in the United States is around 50%, but still it is a shame to go through all those years together only to find out that when it comes down to it, you are essentially alone. How can this flaw in the typical Taurus woman and Capricorn man love compatibility be addressed? One of the most common reasons for break downs in Taurus woman and Capricorn man love compatibility is the fish Capricorn. It’s not uncommon for the fish Capricorn to behave like a typical Capricorn with solid material goals, achieving high levels of career, intellectual, and academic success but at the same time operating from a deep emotional void.
We have to remember there is no such thing as a bad or deeply flawed or worthless horoscope sign. Just like in a real Texas Hold’em, you can still win a hand even if you have complete junk cards depending on how you play and read the other players. The secret to Taurus woman and Capricorn man love compatibility is to learn to live with different paths to the same goals. The key to Taurus woman and Capricorn man love compatibility is to focus on the shared values and the shared goals and let the diversity of paths play out.
If anything this diversity makes the Taurus woman and Capricorn man love compatibility more fun, engaging, and entertaining. One key spoiler in Taurus woman and Capricorn man love compatibility is the hypocrisy of materialism. Materialism is all about equating your job, your social status, the car that you drive, how big your house is with emotional fulfillment. You have to be aware of how this hypocrisy and lie plays out, otherwise, it can drive your life and it can drive you apart. Is Taurus woman and Capricorn man love compatibility necessarily a good thing or is it necessarily doomed?
The single most interesting thing about the match between the Cancer woman and Scorpio man is that you really never know what to expect.

However, as things turn out, what would otherwise have produced a volcanic explosion turned out to be a great relationship. Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility is one of those combinations that defy easy explanation, especially in 2016. On the one hand, you have the brash and bold Cancer woman, and on the other, you have the very emotionally intense Scorpio man. The reason why Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility is so good is because the Scorpio man is a very emotionally intense person. As you probably already know, if you read a lot of horoscopes, you don’t want to cross a Scorpio. You would think that this would lead to serious drama with the Cancer woman’s propensity to step on toes, hurt feelings, and say the wrong words at the wrong time: especially the kind of behavior that hurts Scorpio ego.
Do you notice that people, who try to act tough, deep down, are trying to cover pieces of jelly? The Scorpio man, on the other hand, learns to grow up and understand that not everything that comes out of our mouths and not every action that we do is intended to destroy other people, embarrass them, shame them, or otherwise irretrievably own them for life. That’s when you get butterflies in your stomach, you get really giddy whenever you’re around a person, everything is so bright and beautiful, and there’s a bright sense of possibility, because you’re with that person. And then, you get to that middle part of the relationship where you basically have to stand on your own two emotional legs and hold up your end of the relationship.
Also, you have to realize that when you’re in a relationship, there’s a third party in the room. The Cancer is very strong outside, and this can be a great example for the Scorpio man to man up emotionally. If you are a very strong person, then you would understand that the world is full of slings and arrows and unkind words. This combination of Cancer strength and Scorpio sensitivity can actually leas to a mutually rewarding emotional journey, where both partners grow into each other and grow on their own. If you look at it deep enough, Cancer strength is rooted in selfishness, which is really not much different from the main core of Scorpio’s overwhelming sensitivity. Aquarius can be very insecure because it’s a small animal and it likes to charge at things. However, you’d be surprised as to how stable a Libra is especially during many challenges and this often leads to great success in life. It’s not uncommon for Aquarius women to rack up thousands of dollars in credit card debt. It’s very easy to just not make a decision because chances are if you roll the dice it might come out the wrong way. Just like with any other sign of the horoscope, if a particular astrology sign is not fully developed or not mature enough, the negative aspects of the sign take over.
I often see this effect when I am reviewing the relationship between Aquarius and Pisces couples too.
However, once they reach that balancing stage, it can actually lead to a very happy relationship.
It’s very easy for the Libra man to call the pushy Aquarius woman clueless and impulsive.
This doesn’t mean that they look at the world and see it as turning solidly only around money. When it comes to goals, the Taurus woman and a Capricorn man can have a partnership made in heaven. Unfortunately, once you get to that destination it turns out that the person had totally different motivations. In other words, there’s this hole in his or her life that is he or she is just trying to fill with material goals.
The typical breakdown in Taurus woman and Capricorn man love compatibility involves the fish tail of the Capricorn partner. The problem with making predictions based on commonality is that we tend to rely too much on conventional wisdom. It would stand to reason that due to the fact that the Cancer woman tends to step on a lot of toes in getting what she wants that the Scorpio man’s unforgiving and vindictive nature would come into play.
She has so much to prove, but at the end of the day, she is often clueless as to why she does the things that she does. If you have ever been in a very intense relationship, you would know that the first stage is the most fun.

Scorpios are very sensitive, but they don’t understand that that sensitivity is really born out of weakness.
They get to resolve the deep issues that prevent them from fully living up to their highest potential. The Cancer can be an awesome member of the community, if only she’s able to let go of this need for proving herself, and just do things for other people. Once the partners understand that it’s not all about them, but that real love is all about seeking other people, the Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility takes another dimension.
Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility is one of those compatibility matches in the horoscope that just seems wrong. On the one hand, you have somebody who seems very driven, focused and very powerful and on the other hand, you see another person that can be lazy, irresponsible, and just doesn’t want to do things. The answer lies in the fact that you have to play the cards that you are dealt the right way. You have to wait for all the facts to come in so that you can make a truly informed decision. The reason for this seeming laziness and irresponsibility and lack of ambition is the fact that they’re always balancing things.
In this case the Libra can balance the Aquarius woman’s brash decisions with the right information. We’re not talking about just emotional intimacy and emotional growth and mutual healing, and mutual comfort and support. It is definitely worth fighting for because it can lead to a very mutually rewarding and fulfilling life together. Unfortunately, the key to Aquarius woman and Libra man love compatibility and relationship success doesn’t lie in calling each other names. They look at material things like your job, your career, your business, your net worth, and your investments as the bedrock of a firm personal foundation.
Just because you have the same values doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have the same personality and the same quirks. In many cases, you would think that there would be an explosion because the personalities involved in the relationship seems so different from each other.
Keep reading below to find out why Cancer woman and Scorpio man love compatibility has a lot going for it. Even if you don’t feel like loving back, even if you don’t feel like doing things or saying the right things, you still have to do it, because you owe a duty to this other party called the relationship. Just because the Aquarius woman has a lot of power, a lot of push, a lot of drive, doesn’t necessarily mean that this leads to success. She knows what she wants and she has the drive, power, ambition and focus to get what she wants.
The problem is just getting past the initial stages of mutual misunderstanding and in many cases, nasty fights. However, when you look at the full picture of the mythical creature that the Capricorn is based on, it has the body of a goat and the tail of a fish.
The reality is that there are a lot of choices, there are a lot of background issues, and there are a lot of outside influences that really combine to make what would otherwise seem like a slam dunk into something quite different. Being close to and getting personal with a Scorpio man can be very therapeutic for the Cancer woman, because she gets that emotional core that she has been missing all along. However, the way things turn out, it actually can result in not just a great relationship, lots of love and tenderness, and caring, but also a lot of deep emotional depth, where people feel really loved, accepted, and welcome. This is a deep and profound insecurity that can lead to the undoing of many Aquarius people whether they’re male or female.
You have to understand that the paths you choose are products of your background or your thinking, your expectations, and your assumptions. It’s not uncommon for the Libra man to go into the practice of law because they know how to balance things, they know how to weigh things, they know how to look at two sides of any controversy and come up with enough analysis to make the conclusion work. However, when we become materialistic or spiritualistic, this is when we get into all sorts of trouble.

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