FX Sets Premiere Dates for American Crime Story, Always Sunny and MoreBut what about The Americans? Marc Maron (Finally!) Discusses His Infamous SNL Audition with Lorne MichaelsDid he get some closure? Comedian Tracy Morgan Is Still Laughing in Emotional GQ InterviewDefinite proof that laughter is the best medicine! So you're in this strange emotional purgatory and you're so desperate to be whoever it was that you thought you'd be or you're so desperate to find yourself or yada, yada, yada."This emotional purgatory Baruchel describes is clearly reflected in Man Seeking Woman. In the place of mistaken identities and glasses that stop you from realizing the girl was actually hot the whole time, Man Seeking Woman gives you a 126-year-old Adolf Hitler and sex aliens from Planet Sex.

We're not trying to make anyone slit their f---ing wrists, but at the same time, I think we just can't help it."For those fans who only know Baruchel from his work in Judd Apatow's Knocked Up and Undeclared, the darkness and melancholy of Man Seeking Woman might surprise you. But of course, I'm slightly biased."Though this television season saw many attempts to find rom-com success on the small screen (RIP Manhattan Love Story, A to Z and Selfie), it's easy to say that no show does it quite like Man Seeking Woman. Though Baruchel is often roped in as part of the Apatow gang (and particularly with Baruchel's This Is the End co-star Seth Rogen), Baruchel's career is much more varied than one Katherine Heigl movie and a short-lived (albeit fantastic) cult series.TV shows you should be watching (but probably aren't)"I can't help what box people put me in," Baruchel says. That being said, I do take issue with the fact that I'm part of a stable [when] I've worked for that man twice.
They can decide on however they want to see me."So next time you catch yourself about to refer to Baruchel as the guy who trims his pubes in Knocked Up, maybe you should check out his work in Almost Famous or Million Dollar Baby.

Goon, the 2011 hockey comedy Baruchel wrote and appeared in, is available on Netflix, and the actor recently finished a script for the sequel.
Heck, Baruchel even appeared in four episodes of the ultimate 90s' kids crack, Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark? Had it been a radio play, I would have done it, because it was amazing regardless of its medium.

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