How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself. Being cheated on is probably the most devastating thing that can happen to a relationship, short of the other person dying. A woman wrote an essay in the Daily Mail about taking back her husband after he had a long-term affair. Lacey Wildd is set to undergo her 13th boob job, which will be the 37th time that she’s had plastic surgery in her life. In addition to the surgery, Lacey Wildd has also lost a tremendous amount of weight over the last six weeks too. Wildd, who hails from West Virginia, wants to increase her breast size to a size QQQ, and she recently spoke to the Daily Mail about why she wants to transform her body. Wildd has also had three butt implant surgeries, and she has even teased that her rear-end is now worth $30,000.
But while Lacey Wildd is adamant that she needs more surgery in order to achieve her desired look, her children are less impressed with her ambition.
Actually, it can feel like your partner has died when you find out he (or she) has been cheating. While it's true that some people say a relationship actually improves after cheating, we should face the fact that usually it does not.

If your children see you leave a cheater, they learn that this is something that destroys relationships and is unacceptable.
Because, believe me, you are going to need them now that you've decided to stay with someone who strayed. Not knowing if your man is going to cheat means never quite knowing when you might pick up a venereal disease.
When you stay in a relationship with a cheater who makes little or no effort to change, things can only get worse. It's as difficult, if not more difficult, to leave a relationship, even a bad one, than it is to stay in one. It's not up to you to "save" him, "teach him" right from wrong, or "help" him get over his cheating habit. Believe it or not, there are men and women who do not cheat and will not cheat, and you deserve one of them. That’s because, after realising that she wanted to become thinner, Wildd lost 20 pounds in just half a dozen weeks in order to become a size zero.
But even though she’s already been turned down for surgery by a doctor who told her that she will ruin her body if she gets further work done to her breasts, Lacey Wildd has promised to persist with her pursuit for further breast enhancement.
Lacey previously appeared on My Strange Addiction, via Hollywood Life, where she insisted that she isn’t actually addicted to plastic surgery.

Which doesn't guarantee they won't ever do it or put up with it, but they will realize it has severe consequences. Worryingly though, Wildd admitted that she isn’t done with the dieting and hopes to lose even more weight in the near future. Whatever made him cheat is probably still in his psyche unless he is seriously working on all of his issues. Especially if the affair is ongoing, or the cheating is chronic, how do you respect yourself staying with a man who can't or won't value you? Now she's writing about how she should never have taken him back and it was the biggest mistake she's ever made.
Each person should decide for themselves whether to give a relationship another chance after cheating -- and they should not be judged for it. I don't believe that once a cheat, always a cheat, but I definitely believe once a cheat, good chance of being a cheat again.

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