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30 year-old spinster reporter Sin-Young was once called a "troublemaker reporter" but she clenched her teeth and kept digging into her work. Soon-Ae, a 30-year-old stewardess, is the breadwinner of her family who supports her ailing father, a utterly hopeless widow aunt and another hopeless cousin.
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They turn to men now hoping to settle down but all the fine guys have been snatched away by young girls who were only concerned about getting married.
There was one man who didn't leave her but he was only taking advantage of her company card that gives discounts to luxury goods. Now they try to fall into self-hypnotism that they are better off than being trapped in an unhappy marriage but they can't help feeling being all alone and lonely. But again, her destiny doesn't leave her in peace and brings her the news of her long-time boyfriend's betrayal. One day, she bumps right into her boyfriend with another woman on the very spot and in enormous rage, she beats him up.

The source of this misfortune goes back to when she tried to get back at her playboy husband by also having an affair.
Though it was only a one night stand with an American guy, she now can't turn back the time.

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