Yo seguía tanto el concepto original y como cada una de las dos variaciones durante dos semanas y con el mismo programa (lunes y viernes). Bodybuilding competitions expose an athlete to absolute scrutiny; their bodies are on display for the judges, the crowd and opponents. My experience was one of the highest pride and gratitude to have been chosen to display what I worked so hard for. The invite to the Arnold Classic solidified Chandler's place among elite bodybuilders. You have now competed at two of the largest and most important bodybuilding events in the world, the Ms. To truly be considered great, how hard you work, to be noticed and appreciated for who you are as a person and a competitor.
You recently placed 2nd at the 2011 Tampa Pro show, earning you an Olympia qualification for the 3rd year in a row, congratulations! Both times it has been a matter of one or two points, so I have to make it a difference of five or 10 points!
What did you do differently, with your training, prep and diet for the Tampa Pro versus the Ms.
Basically, I went back to what I knew about being dry and conditioned on-stage as opposed to experimenting with being fuller and more vascular, as I did for the Arnold. I am not doing anything too different as I did for the Tampa Pro, especially being that it was one of my better looks. The last week is really just putting the icing on the cake, but not baking the cake, so to speak. In your two previous Olympia visits, you placed 10th in 2009 and improved to 8th last year, what's it going to take to get in the Top-6 this year? Out of the class of Female Bodybuilders to earn an IFBB Pro Card at the 2007 NPC National Championships, you have been the most active and successful of the group. I think that one of the things that helps is that I was very new, just 3 years, to competing as a whole.

What do these names mean to you, Rachel McLish, Cory Everson, Lenda Murray, Kim Chizevsky and Iris Kyle?
I also want to recognize Iris Kyle, who is now being acknowledged for all her hard work and longevity in the sport. This is the same problem they have had with the figure girls, and so now they have physique, so what do THOSE girls do in a few years?
All I know at this point is that we will continue to be allowed to compete if we have the money for the shows. Incorporaba otros movimientos porque la variación es indispensable para la continuidad del desarrollo muscular.
Idénticas a las extensiones corrientes, salvo por el agarre, el mismo que se emplea en el curl. Entre las mejores formas que conozco de lograr este efecto, se encuentran dos variaciones del sistema superpausa-descanso.
Sólo incrementaba el peso cuando era capaz de completar las seis series de 10 repeticiones con bastante facilidad. I have been working on the size of my arms, legs, thickness in my back and always a work in progress are my abdominals! A little bit of final workouts and working on the last few inches of weak body parts, lots of posing and squeezing and practicing and the last few sessions of cardio. This year, however, has a deep line of great athletes and I am simply honored to be competing with them all! I really want to help others in their lives, and the way I see it, I can do that better if I achieve more in this wonderful sport of bodybuilding!
I looked up to both of these women for their beautiful achievement in molding their physiques to the most aesthetic in history. So, please, sites like yours keep putting back into the sport and we will all eventually have security again once they see we are all worth it! Yo aplicaba esta estrategia dos veces a la semana (los lunes y los viernes) en un espacio de 15 días.

Empezaba calculando un peso que me permitiera ejecutar 10 repeticiones y le sumaba el 10%. Las sesiones se basaban en los ejercicios que he mencionado antes, pero como también he dicho, sois libres de experimentar con diversos movimientos.
It represents a certain level of respect and acceptance on such a grand scale in the sport of bodybuilding, which I love very much.
I do, however, completely accept the fact that maybe I will not meet him until the day I win first place and we meet each other on-stage when he interviews me as he does all the winners! However, the Arnold is an invitation-only event, you have to qualify for the Olympia and be invited to the Arnold. It is the greatest accomplishment to reach the very top of anything you set out to do, like the Olympia. Will you be doing anything different with your prep than in your two previous shows this year? If they were to do this, let's say hypothetically, don't you think they will run into the same problems in about 3-5 years? I cannot leave any room for error and must be 10 times better than the second-place finisher. Usually, this becomes a small potato in the grand scheme of things and keeps me going, so I can reach even higher. The same problem of not having a class for those girls to go who have been competing at a certain level and have found themselves with a little more muscle than when they began.
How do you stay focused and keep your emotions in-check leading up to such a large show like the Olympia?

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