When you think of the most dominating teams in the history of sports, there's the '01 California Quake—and there's everyone else. Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news. Last week, The Australian newspaper reported that Channel Seven’s 7mate would be broadcasting the Lingerie Football. Some supporters of the Lingerie Football League, including players and men who didn’t like their access to sweaty, lingerie clad women challenged, referred to my petition on various pages on Facebook. I considered responding with some facts- that I am happily married, that I work out several times a week and that I am not ugly. Women in our hyper-sexualised culture are valued for their physical attractiveness and their ability to please men sexually. It is telling that my opponents’ first course of action was to call me fat and ugly, and that these were perceived as the most stinging insults they could unleash. I have more to offer than my body and I have more to offer than being pretty, as do all women and girls. An open letter “To those who oppose the LFL in Australia” was posted on our [Collective Shout] Facebook page yesterday. Elise – an athlete who has recently joined an LFL team – asked us to read and consider her views on the LFL. Despite a “rebrand”, the essence of the “sport” remains the same – providing titillation for men at the expense of women’s health and safety.
The LFL has drained the bank accounts of former players in the US by not providing adequate compensation for serious injuries.
Sport can indeed be an expensive pursuit and athletes are not always compensated for participation unless they are sponsored. Now that the Lingerie Football League has a “contract” with Channel 7 and 7 Mate, will players be paid? The athletic skill of the women involved in the Lingerie Football League is not in question. Some players have commented that they are not “skinny” and therefore promote positive body image. We would rather our girls not be pressured to look a certain way at all and instead  be recognised for their skill and expertise in whatever activities they choose to participate in.The LFL reinforces that physical appearance and conforming to a narrow standard of beauty is what is most important, over and above athletic skill. Yes, the League exists because it is “marketed well.” There is a huge market demand for pornography, prostitution, stripping and other forms of sexual exploitation. To say if “we don’t like it don’t watch simple!” – Yes, that is a very simple statement, but it is a completely ineffective response to sexual objectification in our culture. A culture in which women and girls are seen as sexual objects is one in which relationships between men and women suffer and sexual harassment and violence against women thrives. Sexual objectification of women and girls harms all women, not just those who say they choose to participate.
Elise, we thank you for taking the time to share your views and to provide information about the recent developments in the LFL. Clearly we disagree on this and will continue challenging the Lingerie Football League’s introduction to Australia. Click here to watch longer interviews with 3 former Lingerie Fooball League players discussing abuse and exploitation in the Lingerie Football League. Men who believe it is their innate right to view women and girls as disposable sexualised commodities always respond with vile misogynistic insults.
Men know when they are supposedly being ‘dehumanised’ because men believe they alone have right to be accorded dignity and respect which is why there is no male pseudo football team dressed just in g-strings! Knowing this type of backlash is coming can take the sting out of it when it inevitably arrives. I personally find it droll and transparent with little impact on my desire to work for change. My family will not watch it on TV and my boys will be changing teams as the LFL has commenced training on their home ground. We will also continue to support those who bravely speak out against it and other forms of female objectification and abuse as we would rather our daughters ACT like Caitlin Roper than look like LFL players. Yes, I do feel a sense of frustration at the attitudes (and also, sadly, the expectations) of some men.
Karl, you are hijacking a very important conversation about the suffering of women, and making it about your own hurt feelings in regards to statements that you have no fundamental right to be offended by.

Male socialisation will tell you that it is your right to feel welcomed and adored by women simply because you are not a raging misogynist. Please understand that this is a patriarchal sense of entitlement, and in order to be a good ally to our cause you will address and acknowledge this, and focus your frustration at the men who have created the power structure that benefits and entitles you above women, rather than the women who make statements about this group without adding an extra qualifier in order to make you feel better about the whole situation.
The emphasis of this league is definitely on the bodies of women, not their sport abilities (even though they have them, as Elise’s letter shows).
This League and (most) all of the media (highly dominated by men, we have to say it) encourage this way of thinking. Thanks for your comment, and for completely misconstruing its intention – I apologise if it was not clear. If, by seeking to support your cause, I offer an opinion that is not worded in a manner acceptable to the proponents of that cause, and am rebuked in such a manner, how do you expect other like-minded men to join against this exploitation? I?m a bit curious about it all….why women should never be responsible for their slutish behaviour? Nothing will get better if slutish women are not attacked,if feminists love to deffend them and feel sorry for them instead of deffending women who wish to acheive goals through hard work and self-values. You might be right that some of the LFL players may not feel sympathy for Caitlin who has been abused by men on social media.
Personally I’m happy to defend people who participate in their own exploitation, even if they do get angry at me.
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The Quake bludgeoned their way through the WAFL going 13-2 in a way that would make the '93-'94 New York Rangers look like Broadway on Ice by comparison (52-24? Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV.
To all those who are unfamiliar with this spectacle, yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Then I recalled this was a classic silencing tactic I had experienced many times before– tearing women down by criticizing their physical appearance. Conforming to limited, stereotypical, pornified ideals of beauty and sexuality, we learn, is where our power lies. With this in mind, being regarded as an undesirable woman with nothing to offer could be potentially upsetting. Unfortunately, from my experiences, the day women are recognized for their contributions and not their bodies still seems a long way off. Hence, we’re not buying into this “rebrand” and will continue referring to it as the Lingerie Football League. Players understood that their injuries would be covered when they paid the insurance premiums offered by the LFL, but were instead left thousands of dollars in debt. LFL owner Mitch Mortaza stated just this month to US program Inside Edition (watch below) that the league could not afford to pay players.
The sexist, degrading comments on social media and elsewhere about LFL player’ss bodies and what sort of sexual acts fans would like to perform are absolutely disgusting. I have to live in a community with people whose sexist attitudes towards women are reinforced by sexploitation events.
I and other women and girls are harmed by this toxic culture, even if I have never personally played football in my underwear, participated in a beauty pageant or stripped off my clothes in a nightclub. These minor changes to the League- if they can be called changes at all – do not change our views on the exploitative nature of the League.
It was far easier for me to sweep the backlash out of the way and reorient toward doing EVEN MORE and being ever more vocal since I expected it. Also, there are so many women doing this work, specifically online, that the backlash seems to do the opposite of what it is ostensibly meant to.
There seems to be no allowance made for the possibility that there might actually be some men who actually share your viewpoint. I know there are many good men who are our allies fighting alongside us, as they should be.

This is what will be broadcast on national TV next month, promoted as family entertainment.
Because it is the right thing to do, not because women will acknowledge or commend you for it.
It is not about Elise’s choice; why are so many people so eager to end the discussion at that? They are the ones in a position of power, they are the ones lying to players and compromising their safety. DVD & book, Girl Wise guide to friends, Girl Wise guide to being you, Girl Wise guide to life and Girl Wise guide to taking care of your body, and the new Wise Guys for the combined discounted price of $250. Whether at school, in sport, at work or in relationships, we must develp our character to achieve success and experience the thrills life has on offer. It also features women with disabilities who were discouraged from becoming pregnant at all. While many accomplished women’s sporting leagues in Australia are both competitive and successful, media coverage is reserved for those women’s leagues where the uniforms consist of lingerie. I was labeled a “jealous bitch”, obviously fat and ugly, and most likely bitter that my husband was fan of Lingerie Football. It has been suggested by a US sports commentator that the Leagues foray into Canada and Australia is motivated in part by our health care system. If there is an “attack” it is directed firmly at the owner of the LFL and any corporation complicit in his exploitation of women for profit.
Channel 7 and 7Mate has not decided to embrace women’s sport and therefore, the LFL will not encourage other stations to embrace women’s sport. I have to live in a community with people whose ideas that women are objects of sexual recreation are affirmed by these events. This is not excusing this reprehensible behavior, but it does put it into a context that is more manageable.
I understand how you might feel alienated by what appears to be a generalisation of the entire male population. In the case of the LFL, women athletes will not be recognised for their skill, they will be viewed as sexy eye candy for men. If my face and body are not sufficiently pleasing to the male gaze should I be rendered voiceless? As you’re probably aware, the US does not have the same healthcare system enjoyed by Australians, so adequate health insurance should be the highest priority for the LFL, particularly when safety equipment is the lowest priority. Mortaza will pocket the profits from these events and Australian Medicare will foot the bill for injuries if private health insurance offered to Australian LFL players turns out to be inadequate. However, I hope your frustration is centred on those men who do exploit and objectify women, rather than those of us who seek to speak honestly about our experiences and label male violence for what it is. The reduction of women to their physical appearance is so ubiquitous, the first thing people who disagreed with you was to attack your physical appearance.
Caitling has been ofended for opposing this sexist s*,i wonder if any of those w* feel symphath for her. But she did not engage in abuse of Caitlin) But Caitlin is not only speaking up to defend the LFL players, she is speaking up to defend all women and girls who have to live in a culture that degrades women and girls in this way.
After their undaunted championship win against the Jacksonville Dixie Blues, the country stood at attention. No sporting body should promote or allow this behaviour but sexual harassment is built into the business model of the LFL. And by that, they meant attacking your whole worth (in their minds, that’s what they were doing).
Former players have expressed hope that the League will introduce proper uniforms and then finally they will be recognised for their skill.
It was the Miracle on Ice, Gretzky passing Gordie, and Bobby Hull's 51st goal all rolled into one—only hotter.
Even women politicians instead of being opposed on their ideas are often the victim of attacks on their appearance.

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