We have now updated this popular post to a much more in-depth and fully illustrated page – A Short History of 1920s Women’s Fashion ! It’s an entertaining and educational read and packed with oodles of imagery and links.
They are forever captured in the many digitized Art Deco pages of Art-Gout-Beaut, Femina and La Gazette Du Bon Ton, and the flickering silent screen era of the Hollywood vamp. The defining dress style was the basic chiffon dress, or or a daring blouse worn with pleated skirts. The changes in skirt hem length in the 1920’s resembled that of a stock exchange index. The general design mode and aim was to take emphasis away from the hips and to some extent the female shape. Another little bonus in fashion was the surge in popularity of pretty stockings in the 1920s. Want to step into a time machine and get original 1920’s makeup and beauty advice from a 1920’s society dame? Feathered headbands and turbans – often the image associated with the flapper look were really an art nouveau left over from the 1910?s and by the mid 1920?s if you chose to wear one, you pushed it well back and lost the feathers ! Doublju company products and services to customer qualified merchandise with reasonable worth.

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The 1920s fashion era still glows brightly – the garcon silhouette, the iconic 1920s dresses, the bobbed haircuts and cropped hairstyles, the makeup, the cloche hats, the Charleston, the new flapper slang and the sheer unmatched beauty of the women who graced that amazing decade.
This loose clothing fad only lasted a short while and eventually was replaced by more austere lines in the more grim days of the 1930’s. The short,flared mini skirt with headbands and long cigarette holders etc, but this style applies more to the 1960?s revival of the roaring Twenties look, made popular by films such as the amazing and iconic film Cabaret and The Boyfriend, starring the 1960s model Twiggy.
1920’s Day wear often was little different from evening wear but would employ lace or some other type of overlay . The style would hang loose and quite straight with a drop waist, and therefore was straight forward enough to cut out from a pattern and sew.
By 1925, the year of the famous Paris Exposition, skirt and dress hems had risen to just above the knee, an unimagined thought just ten years earlier. The scores of white chemises,knickerbockers and petticoats had been replaced by a few princess slips and pairs of Cami-knickers. As more and more women bobbed or cropped their hair, hats were tighter to the head and the most popular style was the famous cloche hat.
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Poshway understands that fashion changes regularly and we are always adding stylish women's clothes and accessories to our product range at truly affordable prices. A Slender and flat chested silhouette was the objective for women, and large busts could be flattened with the help of early bras like the infamous Symington Side Lacer.
While the flapper dress per say did not have a defined waistline, the popular look was the dropped waist skirt. By the end of the decade however, more asymmetrical hems brought hemlines down below the knees again.
Hosiery was now every bit as fashionable as the shoes that were worn to match and sales worldwide went up faster than the hems which exposed them! But the mould had been broken and hems have risen and lowered regularly since then according to the whims of not only fashion designers, but more cynically, the cheap availability of fabric. The big decision facing many women was to Bob or not to Bob, to Crop or not to Crop, or just play safe go with the Fingerwave style ! Corsets were no longer boned, but elasticated and with convenient zips down the side or on the front.

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