We present you our new WordPress theme that we have designed for paintball players, online paintball communities, paintball blogs and paintball tournaments.
If you feel that your WordPress blog needs custom theme developed for it, you can address WebsiteTemplates.bz with your request and we will help you obtain the design and spend reasonable money doing this. Solar Energy World needed to consolidate their two existing lead generation websites into one powerful lead generation and public resource tool. Paintball WordPress theme is designed in traditional for this game style: military style, aggressive header with paintball player in it and paintball marks on the pages.

With marketing partner Daniel Waldman of Evolve Communications, we were able to launch a highly coordinated set of email and website landing page designs to support the Director of Marketing's goals. From site map creation to site launch and beyond, we have had a true partnership -- his insights have been invaluable and results were immediate.
With Paintball WordPress theme, your paintball blog will obtain striking image that will help you impress new visitors and pleasantly surprise the existing members of the blog. Paintball WordPress theme is easy to install and you can enable it for your blog in several minutes after the purchase.

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