Mit Worry-Free Business Security Services entscheiden Sie sich für eine gehostete Sicherheitssoftware. 750 MBDies ist die Mindestvoraussetzung für freien Festplattenspeicher zur Installation des Agent. Wo kann ich Hilfe und Ratschläge von anderen Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services Kunden bekommen? Designed for small businesses, Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security is a feature-rich security solution designed to protect servers and client machines from all types of malware. All components included in the package are the Security Server, Security Agent and Messaging Security Agent (Remote). The Security Agent is the anti-malware guard, while the Remote Messaging Security Agent sets up a scanner on a Microsoft Exchange server on a different system than the host of the Security Server. Before proceeding with the setup, it's necessary to indicate passwords for the web console and agents, as well as to specify the SMTP server, port and recipients for sending all notifications and reports. Once logged in with the admin password in the web interface, you can check out the threat status on each PC with the Security Agent installed when it comes to the outbreak defense, antivirus, anti-spyware, web reputation, URL filtering, behavior monitoring, network viruses, and device control. It's possible to update any outdated components remotely, find out about any unusual system events, add new computers as desktops or servers, set an email subject and recipient address for sending email notifications and reports, perform smart, manual or scheduled scans on the client workstations, or view the risk levels of vulnerable PCs.
Concerning threat events, Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security lets you deactivate emails for highly critical vulnerabilities, unsuccessful actions for detected viruses, exceeded URL violations, and others.

To conclude, Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security proves to be a powerful and reliable application for monitoring remote computers and taking action upon malware detection.
We make it easy to protect your computers and mobile devices so you can focus on your business. Block spam and sophisticated phishing attacks before they reach your employee mailboxes (including Microsoft Office 365) or devices.
Sandboxing—Enterprise-level cloud technology inspects suspicious email attachments in real time to block threats before they can do damage.
Trend Micro’s Rik Ferguson, Vice President Security Research, explains how our Smart Protection Network works.
Whether you prefer cloud, onsite, or a hybrid setup, we make enterprise-level protection easy and cost-effective for your small business. Das bedeutet: Die Software ist nicht lokal auf Ihrem Server installiert, sondern in den Rechenzentren von Trend Micro. Wie ein aufmerksamer Nachbar behält es den Dateneingang Ihrer Unternehmensrechner im Auge. Clients ohne Internetverbindung können die Funktion zur Intelligenten Suche nicht nutzen. Security Server contains the web interface management console and controls the Security Agents and Messaging Security Agents installed on the client machines.

Alternatively, you can switch to minimal setup mode if you prefer minimum impact on computer performance, or custom mode if you have multiple IP addresses on your service, to configure a proxy server, set the ports and the Security Agent installation path, and select the features to include in the setup.
Any required actions are listed here, and reports are automatically compiled for each aforementioned module.
You can apply a proxy configuration for updates and license notifications, change the admin password, and so on. Unfortunately, the web console can only be launched in 32-bit Internet Explorer, although the tool supports 64-bit Windows.
Cyberkriminelle, die über drahtlose Netzwerke an Ihre Firmendaten gelangen wollen, haben keine Chance, Ihre Rechner auszuspionieren. Diese greifen in der Cloud darauf zu, gleichen aktuelle Bedrohungen ab und verhindern deren Zugriff auf Ihre Computer.

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