Above is a king size drawer showing the lids that are available for purchase - these are not included in the drawer price.
The drawers pull from the side and are the approximately the full width of the bed for each size bed. By 1948, Universal had quit producing serials and Republic was already on a downward spiral of boring leading men integrated into a lot of stock footage. For the queen platform bed there are three drawers; each 24 x 59 inches, solid pine, with casters so they easily roll out for convenient storage.

They also have center supports so they never sag in the middle.The long storage drawers are priced according to size and made from solid wood, not plywood or pressed board.
Compared to The Phantom (a Columbia serial so it's a good yardstick to use) is it better, worse, or about the same?
Below is one storage drawer done in white and also the whole storage unit done in Bombay Mahogany.
See pricing at the bottom of page.They are sanded so you can also easily do the staining yourself or we are happy to do it for you.

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