This is one of the very best list of its kind where you can find about some best online website building tools available to create your free website. You can create free website, pages, sell online, send newsletters, and blog online with GetShopped. Webnode allows visitors to create, design, develop and run powerful free websites and web application from start to finish. WebStarts is another great option to create a free website.  You can drag and drop photos, videos, text, and more. 350 pages is easy to use free website builder that can help you create a website and edit your pages from anywhere in the world at any time. With Wix you can create a free website or make your free MySpace layouts and Flash MySpace layouts. Yola is absolutely dedicated to helping you build your free website quickly and effortlessly.
Edicy is so easy to use you can build a site for your business or organization and have it live on the internet in a matter of minutes. I recently discovered another great comprehensive website creation agency, Super Webomatic. It’s posts like these that save me so much time – thanks a million for this share! Nice tips, creating a free website is ok for starters, but I would really recommend for everyone to backup their work and content when using this method. Website builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without manual code editing. I started googling about Web2.0 style best free site builders with great support history and I found few which are listed below. With the time you save by using Tripod to build your professional-looking website, you’ll have more time to spend focusing on your customers. Hubpages is very similar to Squidoo, in the fact that you can build free pages and they tend to rank very well in search engines.
Start using Webs’ free Site Builder with our easy-to-use drag and drop interface and get your small business website running in minutes.
Spruz is a completely free website at enables one to build a website with fully integrated social features. Weebly is a useful website builder where Internet users can create free website and blog with no technical skills required. Freeservers offers the finest free webspace, website hosting and professional web hosting services available. With Bravesites, you can easily build a free website with our award-winning website builder. Your site comes with the power of content management and many tools such as blogs, maps, audio players, facebook plugins and much more! With BlueVoda you can create everything from a simple homepage to a beautiful multi-page website. Ewisoft Website Builder is a powerful and easy website builder software that you can use to create a website. I am a web developer and freelance writer with over 2 years experience in web development and writing. Building a website does not have to be difficult, as we learned earlier this month in our 7 Powerful and Free Website Builders for Small Businesses post.  Here are eight more services that offer free website building tools and hosting.
Each tool is pretty straightforward, but sites change, so pay special attention to different offers and premium level descriptions, and read the fine print.  The goal of these tools is not to build the site of your dreams complete with every bell and whistle, but to get you a simple and good-looking site with a minimum of effort and money.
TJ: As I said in your previous post on website tools, Tumblr and Posterous are simple tools to start out with.
I think none of the websites is really free for a small business, so it is a bit misleading. TJ, which of these tools are SEO-friendly (let you customize URL strings, your title tag, alt attribute, etc.)?

Hi Robert, I know that a number of them are SEO-friendly, but probably not in the ways that you or I would prefer. I meet them every day because I build blogs and content for a living, so I see a seriously large number of small business websites. On SEO, the average small business is rarely, rarely going to show up for a core competitive term on Google even with a ton of effort. There are also those that create a professional looking site and still wonder why they don’t get much, or any traffic. Our free option is really designed for people who want to create a very basic website or a product or service landing page, or perhaps need a simple site for a forthcoming event that will obviously come and go.
We’re really working hard on support to our members by creating professionally produced video tutorials.
To all those who love creme brulee and live in SF, send me notes on how delicious these are. These free website building tools can help a lot to beginners who do not have technical knowledge but have interest in web design.  These website building tools can be very helpful for you when you want to get your work done.
This is perfect for any new or existing business that wants to sell products or services online.
It was engineered for ease of use and extreme speed, it can effortlessly produce high-caliber professional web pages within minutes. Since 350pages is hosted on the safe, fast, and reliable web servers, you don’t need to download, install or configure anything. This is powerful enough for a company intranet, yet simple enough for a family website as well. From personal to professional sites, Weebly will enable you to spend your time on the most valuable part of your site, its content. All the tools are available online with no additional software required, just pick one of our beautifully made designs, enter your text, add your images and then publish your site to your own custom web address, it’s that simple.
Moogo offers you a simple way of creating your own easy-to-update website with style even if you have never created a website in your life before.
I found another website like those presented in this article which was very easy to use and helped me build my website in a couple of minutes. You can build your own professional looking website or eCommerce shopping sites quickly and easily with do-it-yourself list of Free Website Builder, Ad free hosting, Social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter integration, Add 3rd party content like Youtube, Myspace video, Google maps and so on.
We’re one big, happy family, focused on something we love to do: Making it easy for you to get your business online. Let’s Eat lets you create your own restaurant website where you can add information about your restaurant, menu, hours, location, and more.
In minutes you will be creating an elegant HTML5 or Flash website filled with your text, images and more. The site looks like it is offering a piece of software you order, but it is Web-based (one of the criteria of this review). Sort of like LinkedIn meets your website.  If you are from Spain, India, Poland, Russia, Japan, Germany, Portugal or Holland, you can get a €50 Facebook coupon just for signing up. Let us know about your experience with these specific tools and services, or list some new ones in the comments.  Remember, our goal with this post was to showcase free (or nearly free) website building tools for small business owners.
He is currently traveling the USA on the 3DRV roadtrip and writes at the Refine Digital blog.
I don’t think that any business (who wants to give a professional impression) can settle with a free version of such services. I want to know if any of these hosting services you mentioned allow us to advertise on the freely hosted websites apart from google sites and godaddy.
I respect your opinion and expertise, you know that, and these site builders are often not in your league.
However, as a small business owner myself, I know that this is not the whole solution for your online presence via a website. There are so many start up business owners that make the mistake in creating an unprofessional looking site and then wonder why they aren’t getting any business through it!

It’s unsupported because we have a full time team of technical people here in the UK answering queries and obviously they need to get paid. It has all the space and bandwidth a small business could need, has one-to-one unlimited support (we now have dedicated account managers for members), plus you get 5 business email accounts, free hosting, e-commerce facilities, plus a free domain.
I hope all of you will like this list if you are office worker, designer, developer, a manager, a supervisor, a student, a home user, etc.
GetShopped integrates with Google Checkout, Paypal, Payment Express, and many other trusted payment processors. Moogo is perfect for individuals, small businesses, clubs and organizations, sport teams, real estate…or making a website for your band or your pet. One of its strongest features is that it automatically builds a privacy page, a contact page and a site map making your site Google friendly.
I’m sure it will be vert helpful to a lot of people who are thinking about building their own site.
Users can then start to upload pictures, videos, texts, forms or almost anything else to their personal site instantly.
It has all of the cool features that you would need including adding images, videos, ratings and reviews, and the ability to comment. Users can also make their own online store with secure payments, a shopping cart, and other essential features. This website builder also allows additional features such as forum, blog, photos, videos, and more. 100% mobile friendly and search engine compliant, this website creator is joy to work with! We are sharing best resources for web development, Photographers, designer, website templates, graphic PSD templates. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! His or her sole hope in having a site is direct traffic that comes via other means from a business card to a brochure to a referral to more hip social media methods. You then need to optimize it for search engines and really work at it on a daily basis to increase traffic organically, or pay per click if you can afford burning a load of money for a while. To spend time answering queries from people who have no intention of taking their online business presence seriously isn’t profitable unfortunately. This gives members free traffic and free business from within the community itself – who needs Google! They are either badly missing the mark and barely surviving OR, they are prospering without one.
My goal is to explore what works and for many people, as you point out, they need a certain type and level of site. Most of them are not very well-known, but they are really amazing in respect to their features.
Some have a few little things that might drive some people crazy, but I would have to ask you to clarify further how they are not free. One size doesn’t fit all and if you can run your biz off Twitter or a Facebook Fan page or a Google Places listing, do it.
Basically I’m being picky and want the style of Moonfruit but with a lot more functionality (or should I say easy functionality!). I’m not into writing my own script so I need more of a drag and drop scenario but I need a good gallery function (this a photography school website), a decent blog area, a good email interface and plenty of design options.
I believe these people are spending their time as wisely as they can and building a co without a site. You probably all think i’m being incredibly fussy but any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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