Y-3, the fashion line from designer Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas, is known for producing futuristic clothes.
When regular people are getting launched into space, they’re not going to wear flip flops, shorts, and a Hawaiian print shirt. These stunning wild cats are preparing to move into a new enclosure ready for their adoring public over the Easter bank holiday. Servals Duma and Zeus arrived at Hoo Farm in Preston on the Weald Moors, near Telford, before Christmas as cubs and have been in creche accommodation.
Thousands of computer users in the UK have been warned that they have two weeks to take action to protect their machines against a powerful computer virus, known as GameOver Zeus, used to extort millions of pounds from victims worldwide. The National Crime Agency said the two-week window had been opened after an operation led by the FBI managed to take control of servers used to control the a€?highly sophisticateda€? malicious software which has been stealing personal and financial data worldwide. More than 15,000 machines in the United Kingdom are believed to have been infected with the virus which has been tailored by a criminal gang based in Russia and the Ukraine to search for files that will allow access to banking or financial information.
According to FBI estimates, nearly 250,000 computers worldwide have been infected with CryptoLocker since it emerged in April and it has so far been used to extort payments of more than $27m (A?16m).

The warning comes after the FBI and agencies in 10 other countries claimed success in their efforts to crack down on the criminal gang behind the viruses by launching a simultaneous attack on servers used by the gang to control their operation.The GameOver Zeus malware creates a a€?botneta€?, a network of computers that spread the viruses and transfer banking information back to the gang. COMMENT RULES: Comments that are judged to be defamatory, abusive or in bad taste are not acceptable and contributors who consistently fall below certain criteria will be permanently blacklisted. The Belfast Telegraph has broken a new record - reaching a milestone of an incredible 100,000 followers on Twitter. A major in-depth peer reviewed study suggests there is a link between mobile phones and cancer. The shoes, with their big swooping soles, look like they should be standard issue on an interplanetary freighter. So, when Y-3 made the announcement today that it’s partnering with Virgin Galactic (the company working to develop commercial spaceflights) a crazy collaboration kind of actually makes total sense. They’ll need something sleek, comfortable, functional, and, with Y-3 in the mix, damn good looking.
The FBI believes that GameOver Zeus has been responsible for $100m (A?60m) in losses.The virus also distributes another particularly aggressive a€?malwarea€? programme, called CryptoLocker, which encrypts all files on a targeta€™s computer, including personal photographs, and then demands a a€?ransoma€? of about A?300 within a specified time limit to unlock the file.

Up to a million machines worldwide are thought to have been infected with GameOver Zeus.Internet service providers will now contact thousands of customers believed to have been affected by Gameover Zeus, which is distributed via links or attachments in unsolicited emails, offering advice on how to update anti-virus software to disable the virus. Information received by the criminals is then used to initiate or hijack electronic money transfers and direct money into bank accounts overseas.The FBI said on Monday that it believed it had identified a ringleader of the gang, a Syrian-born Russian called Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev, who remains at large but is now facing 14 criminal charges alleging that he is the a€?administratora€? of GameOver Zeus.
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According to research by the University of Kent, up to 40 per cent of victims of CyberLocker have decided to pay the ransom, potentially raising million of pounds for the gang. It is Belfast Telegraph policy to close comments on court cases, tribunals and active legal investigations.

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