People look up to Virgo for friends because they are straight thinkers and solve problems logically.
Before a Virgo plunges into anything, from a problem to a vacation idea, they need to analyze all the facts and know all the details before they plunge in and make a decision. They need to be organized in their mind, sometimes all their energy is taken from organizing their mind that they have a difficult time organizing their surroundings.
A Virgo woman is earthly and she may seem cold and detached, but underneath the timid, reserved surface lies the real woman, a strong, passionate woman with a great capacity for strong devoted love. The Qualities assign the Western Signs into groups of four:Cardinal signs are associated with initiation and creativity. Each relationship of the SIX DEGREE ENERGY system corresponds to one of these Double Zodiac Elements. Fire-ruled persons must constantly seek to balance a tendency to explode and possibly destroy, against a desire to create coziness and warmth.
Earth's two opposite but equal forces which need to be kept in constant balance are enhancing and smothering. Each sign is associated with one of the classical elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and one of the three modalities (cardinal, fixed, mutable).
Magnetic Relationship: The two partners attract each other mutually by the mix of their differences and their similarities. To the world, Virgo presents a calm and collected exterior but on the inside, nervous uncontrolled intensity in the mind, trying to figure things out, how to improve everything, analyzing and thinking.
She will play hard to get, she is hard to get for she is worried about exposing her emotional vulnerabilities and getting hurt.
These are not the type of people who will engage in a one night stand, they are too reserved and prudish for that. Once a relationship is solid, Virgo is willing to experiment a little bit with techniques and foreplay but like everything else involving a Virgo, it takes time to develop once all the advantages and disadvantages have been thoroughly weighed out. This system uses six types of relationships which enable you to apprehend in a concrete way the links between the Chinese signs. They are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.Fixed signs are associated with focus, individuality and determination. Passionate by nature, this impatient, ebullient person must strive to keep his flame under control.
Earth people are gifted for fairness and have the ability to commit themselves to complete Herculean tasks. In combination with the other elements, Fire feels that Earth will smother it, Water will drown it, but air will fan and enliven it. In combination with the other elements, Earth feels that Air will dry it, Fire will parch it, but Water will refresh and nourish it.

In combination with the other elements, Air feels that Water will obscure it, Earth will suffocate it, but Fire will inspire and uplift it. In combination with the other elements, Water feels that Fire will make it boil, Air will evaporate it, but Earth will shape and channel it. It is possible however that their narrow mindedness causes their creativity to suffer and they may lead regular routine lives. Some people might find them cold or emotionally detached because they live in their minds, not in their emotions and feelings. They also have the ability to probe into a person's emotions and they can often see into people and detect what their motives are. He likes woman who stir his emotions because he is reluctant to express his own emotions, which he tries and this often causes conflict not just inside himself, but it spills out into the relationship. Always try to come to conclusions when having a conversation, they do not like topics that go nowhere, they like conversations to come to a close or consensus, even if you agree to disagree. The Chinese & the Solar signs of your birth chart are taken into account in the process of compatibility search. They are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.Mutable signs are associated with resourcefulness, holism and adaptability. They may dwell too much on the past and over complicate things and this may limit their ability to move forward and confuse themselves. It might be hard to pin down how a Virgo friend is feeling because they easily live in denial. Virgo has a constant drive to improve and perfect, this can lead to extreme pickiness and finickiest. They are very conventional people so do not do anything spontaneous or force them to make a hasty decision, they take their time and think intensely in their mind.
Be gentle, no sudden moves or vicious acts like biting or slapping, this will startle them and cause them to retreat. In conclusion, Virgos are able to be independent but the less evolved types will have difficult if someone is not there helping them to achieve more and not be so critical of themselves.
A person who is able to read deep into another person will notice when Virgo is not well but if they confront them about it, they would rather retreat then talk about it. If they are positive, the same events that occur will be held in a positive light and they will be a pleasant, well adjusted person. Even if order is obtained from an outsiders' point of view, Virgo will not be settled for they have a very active mind that is always thinking and can never be silenced. They are pure, their motives are honest never malicious and they want to accomplish something. She will be devoted, loyal and make you very happy and even put a little order in your life.

He will not get extremely close so do not try to enter his psyche and become closely entangled, this will make him feel threatened. It is best to keep your emotional distance from a Virgo friend unless they open up to you first. They are confronted with a problem, they will pick apart the pieces and put it together in the proper order. A Virgo mind is a very powerful mind and they must have the proper attitude for their life to be happy and successful.
Virgos want to be of use, they need to be important and essential to everyone in their lives and in everything they do.
Virgo woman is conservative and old fashioned, a typical woman who is perfect for the man who loves a challenge and likes to take a relationship slow. Do not attempt to probe inside their mind because their emotions are pretty much closed off until the relationship is solid, and they will decide when that time will be. Virgo might try to analyze and control a friend's life but only with the idea that they will improve their life, not purely for the sake of controlling.
They are rational thinkers and are good at settling other people's disputes and putting them on the right track for reconciliation. Virgo needs to get in touch with their feelings, this is why they usually seem cold or detached. Be patient with your Virgo friend and understand that their recommendations are only to make your life better. Any position that requires the above features, which is a very long list, is perfect for the Virgo.
They have to understand that things in life happen for a reason that is not always known to them, they do not have to always know everything.
He won't be romantic and sweep you off your feet, but he will be by your side and be very loyal.
This is an easy way out, the one thing that Virgo does not like to analyze is their feelings so pretending everything is okay is a good defense mechanism for not having to take a closer look at their feelings.
Deep inside, Virgo is very sensitive and they need to be appreciated for all the things they do. Keep the date tasteful and do not be vulgar, they like calm and classy surroundings and people. For the woman who wants a stable, solid relationship with a visible, smooth sailing future is perfect for the Virgo man.

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