ANGEL TEARS font was created in 2010 by Billy Argel. It is very sketchy and the capital letters look great. Bleeding Cowboys by Segments Design (aka Last Soundtrack) is a nice font with a grungy look and a western inspired design.
Dirty and Classic by Billy Argel is a handwritten font with some grungy ink splatter details. I think you got the wrong idea – I listed these fonts for inspiration for use on websites.

Please note that I run a web design blog so the things I mention are in some way related to web designing. Which as a tattoo artist and shop owner is clearly misleading for a person looking for a font to actually get tattooed. Dont get me wrong the fonts are nice and are suited for websites and graphic design, but definatly not tattooing. So for future reference you would probably have more success in properly labeling the fonts.

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