We currently operate Sin City Ink, LV Tattoo Lounge, Las Vegas Tattoo Lounge and Executive Tattoo Lounge in Las Vegas NV. I have worked at many shops during my career and have learned different skills along the way. With our 3 years of experience within the tattoo and piercing industry and over 15 years experience in retail, we have never faulted on a rental agreement.

The devotion to an eclectic bouquet of upscale custom artistry at an affordable price and a staff dedicated to a patron driven customer service. We have become Best of Las Vegas Tattoo Review for 2011 and our Sin City Ink location has been voted Best of 2010. The Tattoo Lounges partnered with Sin City Ink have opened over 3 Tattoo & Piercing shops in 2011.

DBA Las Vegas Tattoo Lounge, Sin City Ink, Executive Tattoo Lounge & LV Tattoo Lounge and 702 Tattoo.

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