We returned to our townhouse in Windhoek one Sunday morning and noticed two African hawk-eagles perched on a cliff that overlooks the dry riverbed nearby. As eagles go, the African hawk-eagle is not particularly large with a length of about 65 cm, but with a wingspan approaching one-and-half metres it is not exactly small. It is regarded as uncommon to fairly common and is distributed through a large part of Africa, from south of the Sahara to south of the Tropic of Capricorn, preferring open woodland and hilly country and avoiding dense evergreen forests. African hawk-eagles feed largely on birds, apparently favouring guinea fowl and francolins, which may explain their presence near our home as there are large numbers of both these species resident in the area. The scientific name for the African hawk-eagle is Hieraaetus spilogaster; Hieraaetus from the Greek for a hawk or falcon, and spilogaster from the Greek for a spot on the belly. This entry was posted in Bird of the week, Birding and tagged African hawk-eagle, falcon, hawk, Hieraaetus spilogaster on July 25, 2010 by Rob.
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10:20 Located one of the eagles (female?) sitting in a tree about 300 feet from the nest tree. Ilovelucy – Norfolk Eagles Forum is a private web site provided for the benefit of the public (and researchers) about all aspects of the eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Reese, since we expect egg laying to begin in next several days, what will she do if she feels the need to lay them while snow is still in nest? We were quite lucky to see them, for in spite of their size they are quite inconspicuous when perched. The are usually found in pairs and may hunt from their perch or may hunt while soaring or even capture prey at a watering spot. The hawk-eagle in monogamous and their nest is a platform of sticks about 1 m diameter, usually in the fork of a large tree.
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They appear to be completely puzzled by the snow in their nest, especially the male who you could see pick it up in his mouth and flick it off his beak. Featuring a standard All Wheel Drive, All Wheel Steer power train, the XL Series offers superior functionality for moving all ?single-aisle? aircraft in all weather conditions. The female lays an average of 2 eggs, which are chalky-white with dull red markings, and which hatch after an incubation period of around 44 days. Because of variations in the manufacturing process, similar products may have differing weights. The NBG eagle adults came to the nest later than usual this morning, about 7:10, and found about an inch of snow in their nest. This is a very critical time for all this snow since we expect them to begin egg laying any day now. For the eagle, once his sperm and her ova find each other, it is a matter of about 24 hours for the egg to be formed in the oviduct. XL Series are front-operator tow tractors to accommodate an operator and up to 2 passengers.

It was a rare treat, for we had not seen them before in this area, and we have not seen them since.
Only one chick is usually raised, as it is common for the first chick that is hatched to kill the younger one.
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