Each week I babysit two little munchkins that I met during my stint at a local daycare as the youngest child's teacher. I often try to read Oh, The Places You'll Go to them, because there are so many amazing pieces of advice in that book. Reading this nearly nine years after hearing it in my high school English class really has an impact on me since I know more now than I did then. Kelsey is a passionate vegan living in Houston, Texas, spreading the word about the benefits of eating a healthy, plant-based diet. My goal with The Little Red Journal is to share all that I've learned on my journey in life, including plant-based nutrition, financial savviness and debt payoff, minimalism, and parenthood.
Each week I babysit two little munchkins that I met during my stint at a local daycare as the youngest child's teacher.
A couple of weeks into my lifestyle change , I met up with a close friend who was shocked by my surge of energy and healthy glow.
For a few weeks now, my husband and I have held many discussions concerning minimalism and what are goals and dreams are. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all folks you really understand what you are talking about!

We've got our routine down really well and when it's time to settle in for the night, I read them each a few books. My high school English teacher read this to us at the end of our junior year, and I didn't fully get it until just recently. Seuss quotes [infographic created by Mamiverse] that I'm sure many of you can glean some inspiration from. She's also a minimalist enthusiast, a self-proclaimed financial guru of her household, and founder of The Little Red Journal. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. It's generic enough to apply it to any situation, but there are a few sentences that really stand out to me. Then I learned it's really what you make of it, and that all depends on how much effort you'd like to put into it. After switching to a vegan diet for health reasons in February 2012, I found that word to be amazingly inspirational. Seuss books are always scattered on their bookshelves and I often reach for those when it's time for their stories.

While reading this recently, I began to think about how much it really applied to my life, where I've been and where I'm headed.
Although I've learned many valuable lessons since entering "adulthood", these books are something we should all read, no matter what our age, from time to time. The actual quote is, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.
The youngest likes to read Green Eggs and Ham, Left Foot, Right Foot, and The Cat in the Hat. It's not." This will be my next tattoo, and it applies to so many different aspects of my life. I pride myself in being different, and that's why there's a little red bird on The Little Red Journal logo.

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