Our Masterclass focuses on creating concept cars in Maya and also comes with nearly 7 hours of video tuition packaged on the disc, courtesy of Digital-Tutors. If photorealism is what you seek to achieve, you’ll love our six-step Octane Rendering guide. Character rigging is the topic up for discussion in the Back to Basics this issue – it also comes with video tutorials and a character template to help get you started. As for features this month, Lynette Clee talks to Massive Black about the studio’s latest project and partnership with Unity Technologies.
Meanwhile, we pay UK-based studio Finger Industries a visit to chat about animating elves, bacteria and advice for budding artists. If you’re looking for the best budget workstation, tech expert James Morris is here to help. We’ve also got interviews with Jorge Montiel from The Mill, the animation director of Modern Warfare 3 and Pixomondo talks dinosaurs and VFX for Terra Nova.

Quick question, I just downloaded this issue on my iPad, when will the tutorial files be online?
Hi, i also bought the iPad version of this magazine (several of them), but i can’t find the tutorial files on the site, can you be more specific on the location of them. This is the most important reason i bought the mag, the disc dosn’t have the video files at all this is false advertising and best of all the disc loads to show maya scene content and all the Daz and 3d ocean files but if you launch the HTML file to start the disc it stalls and locks up your browser.
The latest issue of 3D Artist magazine has a lot of goodies for stock 3D artists and users. Issue 36 of the magazine contains 35 pages of step-by-step guides covering a range of styles and 3D software. There’s even an introduction to this revolutionary software thrown in for good measure too. He’s put together a guide to budget setups, including how to upgrade your existing workstation for less than ?300.

I have a quick question, Is this the issue with the Dan Roarty – Blue Project Tutorial or will that be inb the next issue?? Due to unavoidable disc space limitations, the video training files are hosted on our website. And to get you in the mood, here are some example spreads from issue one, along with our beautiful cover image from Soa Lee. The magazine also comes packaged with two free gifts: the first ever 3D Artist calendar and a disc packed full of resources!
You can access these by loading up your cover disc, clicking on the video training tab down the side of the disc interface and then clicking on the link at the bottom of the product page.

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